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My name is April Unruh and I am passionate about living a natural, chemical free lifestyle that is free from synthetic ingredients that have been linked to increased inflammation, allergies and disease in our bodies.

Essential oils are the perfect compliment to a healthy lifestyle and can be used to enrich our food with flavor, support our bodies systems, ground our emotions, boost our workouts, and enhance our immune system so we can be healthy, active and live abundantly in health and wealth. Pure essential oils are 100% organic plant extracts that are free of chemicals, free of food dyes, free of added sugar and other preservatives, free of synthetic ingredients and other unwanted ingredients. These pure oils have been used for centuries to enhance health.

Our medicine cabinets and cleaning supplies are riddled with many harmful chemicals that can create health issues for us and our families. Replacing these ingredients with plant based essential oils that work well and support our bodies allows us to eliminate many of the hundreds of chemicals we are exposed to every day.

Join me for workshops, essential oil 101’s and make and take days to learn about how essential oils can boost your health and wellness and live a chemical free lifestyle!

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