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If you are interested in exploring Buddhism in our day and age, maybe this meetup is a good place to start for you. Our weekly meetups typically consist of learning to practice chanting meditation and discussing Buddhist concepts, its origin and history. Every level and all backgrounds are welcome to attend.

Monthly - We make every effort to share as much as we can about Buddhism in our “East Bay Intro To Buddhism Meetup”

Feel free to ask questions openly in the "Discussions" tab—or you can send us a direct message

Our meetup shares photos, trips to Temples in Japan and other activities here in a the Bay Area

About Me
I was born and raised in Tulsa Ok. My mother and father demanded that I attend church. So Sunday mornings were spent attending St. Luke Baptist Church and singing in the choir. My experience with christianity was such that I had questions no one in church could answer, not those however, well intended, not the pastor, not Rev. Oral Roberts, not Rev. Billy Graham..., I learned that no one could answer my questions. So upon finishing high school, I sought truth in my own way by reading, pondering and studying Astrology, Spirituality, Occult-Sciences, Meditation, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, other practices, religions..., and yes, more Christian based practices, as most methodologies embody some level of truth… And I did find truth in many of these methods.

But I did not find the depth of Truth I had searched for (all of my life) until a student/friend invited me to his home where I was introduced to "True Buddhism" and my life changed profoundly for the better. I joined Nichiren Shoshu’s Myoshinji Temple in May of 2011 and found that many of the questions I had for years were finally answered, and I believe I found more truth in this Buddhism than anything I'd experienced or studied.

This meetup, held in a unique and safe environment, explores the rich and vast origins and history of Buddhism as founded by Shakyamuni Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama - the prince of India) to New Buddhism for the Present Day, the Law of Cause & Effect - (The Universal Mystic Law), Karma surpassing the past, present and future, the various types of Buddhism, and Buddhist concepts and Philosophy… Again, please feel free to send questions via the discussion tab or post me directly via a message.

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East Bay Intro To Buddhism Meetup

North Oakland

Each month we explore a different basic Buddhist concept through informal discussion and study. We also teach basic Buddhist chanting meditation, learning the correct posture, form and voice. (New guests are free to observe or participate, as they feel most comfortable.) When possible, we often invite visiting priests to guide us in our learning and help answer questions. The Priest will be present for this Sept 10th meetup. All levels and backgrounds are encouraged to attend. Seating capacity is limited to maintain a close atmosphere for learning and discussion, so please RSVP soon. We will have refreshments afterwards. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions—and we look forward to meeting you!

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Temple Open House - Sunday (Tomorrow) Sept 29th

Nichiren Shoshu Myoshinji Temple

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