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Intro to Stage and Covert Hypnosis (with demos)

Hosted by The East Bay NLP Meetup Group

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Price: $8.00 /per person

Oakland Community Acupuncture

15 Croxton Avenue · Oakland, CA

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(Next to Piedmont Ave and one block from Broadway)

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This is a TWO part (sessions) event:

February 20th - Eric Shaw, hypnosis practitioner and enthusiast who has studied with Igor Ledowski and other master hypnotists, will lead a session on basics of Stage Hypnosis. Feb 27th - Eric Shaw (Covert/Conversational hypnosis) and Xavier Lee (Ericsonian hypnosis) will co-host a session on conversational hypnosis techniques. Cost is $8 per session (or $12 for both sessions if paid in advance).

Stage Hypnosis - Here is what you will learn...

What is hypnosis and specifically stage hypnosis and what can be accomplished? The differences between stage and therapeutic modalities. How to get willing participants. How to screen for highly responsive subjects and how to train participants to be highly responsive. How to deal with non-responders. How to hypnotize groups. Explanation of the value a proper pre-talk. Demonstrate various suggestibility tests and how to use them properly. Demonstrate various types of performance suggestions for best audience response. How to set-up a basic show. How to plan the performance.....and more.

Covert/Conversational Hypnosis - Here is what you will learn...

The difference is between direct and indirect hypnosis. Why one would use covert hypnosis vs. traditional hypnosis? What exactly is covert/conversational hypnosis? How to detect when it is being used on you and how to spot it in advertising, TV, movies and sales pitches. The basic structure of CH. Story telling as a vehicle for hypnotic themes and suggestions. Using embedded commmands for maximum effect. Creating hidden anchors to trigger specific behaviors and/or emotions. Explain the basic structure of language patterns and how to use them in hypnotic stories. Demonstrate various short stories and language patterns. How to structure basic stories and language patterns. The importance of getting hypnotic rapport and why without it most suggestions will fail. Why covert hypnosis is actually a force for good....and more.

Video of Derren Brown using Conversational Hypnosis:

Come watch, learn and practice these fun hypnosis techniques. See you there!