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Goals: to attune to and communicate with Nature, and know when Nature is responding; to quiet the mind; see, feel and hear with the heart and body; talk with trees and discover their wisdom; experience Oneness in Nature; get answers to life's challenges; send love, healing and peace to humanity and the Earth.

We will discover trees, plants, animals and insects as teachers and healers. We will do meditative nature walks with mindful discussion. We are part of a growing global awareness that we can harness our consciousness in unity with Mother Earth to help uplift human consciousness and heal our planet. More info: rosi@devacommunion.com

Bring your gifts, your calling, your questions for such topics as: Talking with Trees; Plant Whispering; Nature Walks; Personal & Planetary Healing; Change of Consciousness to Heal Humanity and the Earth; How Plants Communicate; Co-creation with Nature; Kinship with All Life; The Wood Wide Web; Nature Spirits and Devas; The Sacredness of Life; Ancient Teachings and Indigenous Traditions; Trusting our own Inner Wisdom.

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Walk and Talk with Trees

Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park

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