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Futsal - Wednesday Night - 5v5 (outdoor turf) 6:00 PM

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15 people went

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play with a futsal ball - 5v5 maximum per game
- beautiful new outdoor turf field
- small 4 ft x 6 ft goals without goal keeping
- hone your technical and tactical skills
- have fun in a small sided game with plenty of touches

* If we have more than 10 players attend, we'll sub players throughout the match (every ~5 mins)

* If we have 12 players, a 3rd team will be formed and each team will play multiple games: 8 mins or 2 goals per game and switch teams; no team can play more than 2 games back to back.

* No guest RSVPs (meaning if you want to bring someone along to play, that person has to sign-up at, join East Bay Pickup Soccer as a member and RSVP for this meetup)

* Although we encourage a competitive game, no aggressive play is allowed including slide tackling. If you'll be warned and the 2nd time (red card), you'll not be allowed back.

* To be fair, we ask everyone to cancel their RSVP no later than 12 hours before the meetup so that someone on the waiting list can have a spot.

* If you're a no-show (RSVP "yes I'm attending" but don't show up), you won't be allowed to attend the following week. Sorry but because of high demand we need to ensure the integrity of the rsvp list

* If you're on the wait list, we cannot guarantee playing time, sorry!

* If you can, throw a few bucks ($5-$10) in to pay for the purchased equipment (futsal ball, goals, goal bags, pinnies). We still have a little way to go. The latest updated spreadsheet define the expenses and remaining amount needed:

RULE!! We need people to show up on time, and YOU SHOULD NOT SIGN UP IF YOU KNOW YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE IT ON TIME. Now we understand that things happen (traffic, etc) that may cause you to be late, so if you let us know beforehand, that is OK. However, do not just show up late and expect your spot to be reserved just because you signed up. To enforce this rule, we will NOT LET PEOPLE TAKE THEIR SPOTS AFTER 6:20 pm (or 20 minutes after the game starts). This way those who are on the waitlist will know by 6:20 whether or not they have a spot that they can keep. .