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Florida Investing: Cash Flow and Appreciation
~ FREE EVENT ~ In order to receive the Webinar ID and Access Code to join, you must register here: The Florida real estate market has been on fire the past three years. If you are looking to capitalize on the rebound, now is the time! We have sold property in just about every major city in Florida but the one that continuously has the lowest pricing and highest returns is the Cape Coral-Fort Myers, FL MSA. The median sales price for homes in the Cape Coral-Fort Myers, FL MSA this year was $221,000. This represents an increase of 9.5% compared to the prior year. Hold on to your hats because sales prices have appreciated from a median home price of $135,000 in 2013 to the price of 214,000 at the end of the 2017 year. That's over $79,000 in appreciation within 5 years, with major continued growth on the horizon! Take action now while there is still positive cash flow, which is close to disappearing with rates and prices expected to continue increasing. We have exclusive SFH’s and Duplexes only offered to Marshall Reddick investors: -Each SFH or duplex is completely rent-ready and turn-key -Not listed on the MLS in most cases, we work directly with a private seller -Most are built in 2000 or newer! -All properties have positive cash flow AND appreciation potential! In 2013, Hertz Corporation relocated its worldwide headquarters to Lee County. This move brought in over 700 jobs within two years. More businesses are realizing what Hertz realized, that low taxes and an abundant amount of sunshine are perfect reasons to move to Lee County. We have a complete turn-key system in place and our property managers are leasing properties extremely fast! Join us online and meet our Regional Florida Reps who will show you a few of the best homes and duplexes available in the entire market. Don’t wait until prices and interest rates continue to rise! In order to receive the Webinar ID and Access Code to join, you must register here:


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If you are looking for in-depth knowledge and detailed education on how to build wealth in real estate then you came to the right place. Marshall Reddick Real Estate has been in business since 1979.

We are a nationwide residential real estate firm that specializes in:

- Real estate agents for clients looking to buy or sell their home or investment property

- Property management for landlords

- Private money lending for clients in need of non-owner occupied financing

- Mortgage and trust deed investments for clients wanting to invest in secured notes

- Industry leading online and in-person education and advice

We make it possible to purchase and own real estate in 16 metropolitan markets within the United States. No matter what your needs are, we specialize in all things residential real estate.

We have found over the years that we are very different than most real estate Meetup groups because we provide pure, unadulterated EDUCATION backed by decades of experience and a proven track record of success.

We do not charge a penny for our education and mentoring from qualified and licensed Real Estate Advisors. We believe that your hard-earned money should be used for investing, not costly mentoring or education programs. We strive to get to know each one of you on a personal level and become long-term partners for years to come in a mutually beneficial relationship!

We hold fun and educational monthly events throughout California from San Francisco down to San Diego and everywhere in between.

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PLEASE NOTE: We do not condone or want any affiliation with those looking to make a quick buck or are a part of some get-rich-quick scheme with a fly-by-night strategy. We do not believe in WHOLESALING, and we believe FLIPPING property is a full time job. Our clients have successful careers, love what they do, and are looking to invest their hard-earned money for passive income and building wealth. Our philosophy to grow ones net worth comes from the tax benefits, passive income, principal pay down and long-term appreciation with the safe use of leverage from real estate ownership.

Please be aware that NO SOLICITATION of any kind will be permitted at this or any of our events. Providing a safe, pressure free environment gives everyone a fun and enjoyable learning experience. If you do not follow this rule you will be kindly asked to leave. We work very hard to deliver a clear and specific educational message for each event on exactly what works in real estate and what does not and have zero tolerance for “wheel-and-dealers.”

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