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Do you want to cosplay but are running into one of the following problems? No experience, no skill, no confidence, no one to cosplay with or not a whole lot of cash? Well, I noticed that there weren't any cosplay groups in the East/North Bay and I thought that it would be fun to start one myself! I'd love to get together with some like-minded people who love to cosplay! I like to work with all kinds of materials and try new things. We would be able to have crafting parties, create cosplay troupes and go to conventions together and just generally support each other in our efforts. Just to be clear this is an all-ages group, so please don't get the wrong idea in regards to what kind of cosplay we are talking about, heh! If this sounds like the group for you, join us now!

We are also on Facebook for random chat topics and a place where you can post pics, promote cosplay pages and other stuff! https://www.facebook.com/groups/EBRCosplay/

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On Location Photo Shoot
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

So Robert Snitchler and I got the idea of doing on location photo shoot meetups. Like meet in a central location for a specific theme (desert, industrial, beach, ect.) and get photos taken to suit a characters who match those environments. What do you all think of that idea? If we do find a good location, would people be willing to go?I was thinking that if we hosted a semi-private photo shoot (not related to a large gathering) we could be a little more lenient on props.

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