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Novel Review: Natural Disasters by Becca Gomez Farrell
Becca Gomez Farrell's novel "Natural Disasters" is ready for review! The novel is a post-apocalyptic paranormal romance, and is about 87,000 words. Read the blurb below. Search and rescue agent Eloise Nam Tuam has lived her whole life on a future Earth where natural disasters function as weather systems. Her people, the Manava, have survived this constant state of danger and rebuilt society. In the face of the physical world's unpredictability, the Council rules the Manava with an eye toward preserving their mental health. Romantic love has been banished along with families. The attachments they foster are too hurtful, too destructive when someone disappears, and someone always does. Eloise, a model citizen, trusts the Council to keep her safe. But she's been running into Raul Ciclone since childhood, a man who skirts the Council's rules in his pursuit of the past. Despite knowing he's dangerous, Eloise is drawn to him, unable to resist and unsure if that's because of her own failing mental health or because of something deeper, something out of her control. Can Eloise, who's spent her life learning to save others, find a way to save herself from this disaster that feels more natural than anything else in her existence? If you're interested in reviewing Becca's novel please join us at Royal Ground cafe on Shattuck in Berkeley, just three blocks south of the central Berkeley library on the east side of Shattuck. Jen will send you the link and password to the manuscript once you RSVP. Need tips on giving novel critique? Here are our rules of engagement (, and here is a very helpful page ( on all aspects of giving critique you many want to consider. Keep in mind that critique is best limited to big picture successes and constructive criticisms -- discuss how well you follow the plot throughout rather than how often the author spells a word incorrectly. You can simply give feedback in person at the meeting, or you can mark up the manuscript by hand or electronically; that's all up to you. Any questions? Let us know!

Royal Ground

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