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Women's March - Calling All Healers!!!
• What we'll do Healers Unite and March - this Saturday March 20th Powerful Women & Women Supporters- Let us come together as the powerful Women that we are - Healers, Visionaries, Heart Warriors... The Divine Feminine is on the way....let's lead with positive awareness and imagine it to be so!! We are Marching Oakland....Let's get as many healers walking together as possible ---- Bring your: drum, rattles, feathers for clearing---smudge sticks- SIGNS of positive visioning & of your animal allies or ancestors. All those that support the dismantling of the patriarchy --- men, boys, girls women, trans-----all welcome...LOVE to have you join. Share this information with your tribe!!! Details for meeting: Either 1) meet Saturday at El Cerrito Plaza at 8:45/8:55 - near the snack vendor- and take the 9:02 Fremont train to Lake Merrit or 2) Take the Lake Merrit Bart and meet 9:30-9:45 at 10th St at Oak near the tall red sign for the Oakland Museum. We hope to be near Sistah Boom- the women percussion group...but, the major goal is to have the the Healers March together. Let's clear the hucha (dense heavy energies) and make way for the Divine Feminine!! In Loving Service- jnana Slogan-sign ideas per my sister-visioning group today: (just to get the juices flowing) Healing Ourselves - Healing the Planet IMAGINE BELIEVE Women are Life Goddess One and All #Me Too - #Heal too • What to bring Drum, rattles, feathers for clearing---smudge, signs of positive & friends Water- dress proper-good shoes!! • Important to know

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    We are a group of shamanic practitioners that have come together through the Peruvian tradition developed by Oscar Miro-Quesada; the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) of Cross Cultural Shamanism. We work with the mesa or living alter as a way to deepen our connection to spirit. It is our desire to share and promote this living indigenous wisdom tradition with our community for the purposes of personal and planetary healing. Through earth-honoring ritual and ceremony we will explore, celebrate and honor the forces of the natural world. This group hosts local healers/practitioners as well as wisdom keepers from outside the area to illuminate and support those that are seeking to balance themselves, restore the earth and cultivate a deeper connection to spirit. Some examples of our rituals are: creating a despacho (gratitude bundle,) underworld journeys, (guided drumming meditations,) doing limpias (energetic cleansings) and building apachetas (a special stone mound that has healing potential.) This group sponsored by Powerhouse Education LLC and to all who are interested in learning

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