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This group provides Monthly Circles and Workshops bringing together folks interested in Somatic Therapy, Joy & Resilience Groups, ThetaHealing & Reiki Healing each exceptional modalities for personal transformation. The meetup offers a chance for group members to meet and practice, discuss, learn from each other about somatic & energy healing modalities and offers new comers a chance to get a taste of Energy Healing in the Bay Area and build a network of like minded individuals.

Somatic Therapy - building resilience through somatic psychotherapy is a powerful way to move from managing symptoms to transforming trauma, life stressors and ultimately your life. Resilience-building includes being able to change the deep reactions that linger long after traumatic experiences ~ the fight, flight, freeze and dissociative responses which emerge automatically to protect us. While these responses are initially lifesaving, they tend to create havoc over time. Through Generative Somatics people are able to learn presence and boundaries and re-establish connection with themselves, others and community. They are able to connect with what gives their life meaning and growth and leverage their resilience to live that.

ThetaHealing is a modality that combines the Theta Wave, guided meditation and powerful NLP related tools to change limiting beliefs, stressful emotions and chronic patterns from the core. Our 3 day intensive workshops are designed to root out Fear, Resentment, Regret, Rejection and transform Grief on every level, and leave you with the energy, vitality and deep connection with Source to Manifest All you Want in your life. www.anjulisherinmft.com/thetahealing-trainings.html (http://www.heartheldhealing.com/theta.htm)

Reiki is a gentle Japanese healing art which allows you to tap into the Alpha brainwave creating great alleviation of pain and stress in the body, and deeper peace and calm in your mind. A way to experience the deeply nurturing and restorative power of healthy touch and the Unconditional Love of Source. www.anjulisherinmft.com/reiki-trainings.html (http://www.heartheldhealing.com/reiki.htm)

This meetup is founded by Anjuli Sherin, LMFT a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 14 years experience providing Somatic & Energy Healing to Individuals and Groups in the Bay Area. Learn more about her work and upcoming classes, workshops and individual therapy slots at www.anjulisherinmft.com (http://www.heartheldhealing.com)

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