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Do you like killing your friends? Then come play Werewolf with us! A team based game where you have evil Werewolves that have snuck into your village and are trying to eat you all! Can you use your wits to defeat them?

This is a social party game that anyone can play. With loads of Character Roles, Artifacts, and Randomizers no two games are the same.

There are only four rules we currently have as a sub.

1) If you no show to two meetings, then I’ll have to remove you. These games require a good amount of people to play, and no one wants their time wasted.

2) Please have a recent photo of you so we can identify who you are when we meet.

3) The first time you come it’s a free cost to see if you like the group, however if you decide to become a regular then I’ll ask for $1 per person to help cover the monthly cost of hosting the MeetUp group.

4) Don’t be a Dick.

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Your quiet little 16th century village has suddenly become infested with some very unfriendly werewolves...can you and the other villagers find them before they devour everyone? If you want to play a fun party game and kill your friends while you’re at it, come join us for a game of Werewolf at Fuddruckers! We plan to start right at 6:30!and hopefully can get a game or two done in that time frame. To let you guys know of my experience, I have been playing this game for close to five years, but have much more extensive knowledge about running the game as I’ve been running it for others for four years, both online and off. I really love this game, and hope that you all enjoy the experience as much as I do! As this game requires a minimum player count of 8 players (excluding me, hosting the game) if I do not have enough players at the 24 hour mark to play I will unfortunately have to cancel so as to not waste anyone’s time. Your first time is free, but to help me cover the cost of hosting this group I ask every player to pay $1. Thanks! As a reminder, if you no show to two meetups after RSVPing then I will unfortunately have to remove you from the group. 🎃HALLOWEEN PARTY! 🎉 MONSTER THEMED GAMES 🤖 COSTUME CONTEST👹 BRING DESSERTS TO SHARE 🤡 That’s it! I’m excited to meet all of you next month! 💚

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Monthly Werewolf!🐺


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