What we're about

We're about human leadership!

Maybe you just got that big promotion and are ready to step up to a new managerial role. Are you feeling apprehensive yet? It’s a big challenge. It’s not just the workload, it’s striking the right balance as you assign work, make demands & seek to engage your people. Few managers ever get any formal training; we’re just expected to rise to the occasion and figure it out.

Even when we do, there’s a downside to learning on the fly; we fall back on doing what everyone else is doing, which can end up creating those old-school, toxic norms of command and control that no one likes.

There’s a better way. We call it human leadership, and we want to set the world on fire.

This is a meetup for people who want to co-create a community of ambitious, observant young leaders, a community where you can meet like-minded people, build a meaningful peer network and explore how to be a more human – and more effective – leader!

Join us to make a positive difference in the lives of those who work for you. Learn skills that inspire great performance, generate excitement & foster innovation, cooperation & a “get-things-done” ethic of action & accountability.

Not only will your people be more productive, they’ll be happier, more fulfilled & more creative. As you master these skills, you’ll get a reputation as a leader of high-performance teams. You’ll get tagged for more promotions, more often, and move up that ladder to greater responsibilities and authority! It pays to learn how to let people be their best!

We serve new & aspiring managers who want to:
1. Raise their profile as an emerging leader who delivers results
2. Build tight-knit teams & instill powerful alignment among their people,
3. Make work exciting, creative & meaningful,
4. Get more promotions more often & take on greater responsibilities
5. Get more done & have more fun

We hold the following types of events:

1. Experiential training & learning events designed to develop skills & insights
2. Community-building events, so you can learn among people you trust, so you can create similar growth opportunities back at the office
3. Networking events to help you meet other people & build a support community.
4. And much more.

We hope to see you soon!

Tony Thayer, Organizer

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