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Temple Sholom - East Broward Synagogue

132 S.E. 11th Avenue, Pompano Beach Florida 33060

Office: 954-942-6410 Email: Info@TempleSholomFlorida.org


We know that finding a place to daven, recite Kaddish, attend a Seder, socialize and connect with the Jewish community is important to you. Meet our Rabbi and Cantor. Attend a service, a class or one of our many programs listed on our website.

Temple Sholom provides a stable house of worship where the prayers are familiar, people arefriendly, and feels like home. All are welcome.

Upcoming events (5+)

Saturday Morning Service 9:30 am – Temple Sanctuary

Shabbat morning services are more traditional, with an abbreviated Torah reading, a congregant-led rendition of the Haftorah (prophetic portion), and either a sermonette or Rabbi’s discussion, walking amid the congregants, talk-show style, and soliciting comments. Kiddush refreshments follow every services, with ample time to sit, schmooze, and make new friends.

Minyan Monday and Thursday @ 8:45 AM


Cantor Smolarz comes to us originally from Argentina and via Congregations in various U.S. localities, joining Temple Sholom in September of 2018, where he has been wholeheartedly embraced by the Congregation. His strong beautiful singing voice is coupled with a great sense of presence and decorum, but with a warm welcoming demeanor - all of which enhances our morning minyans and shabbat and holiday services. His morning Minyan is wonderful and we encourage everyone to attend.

Monday, Every Monday


#Temple #Minyan #Mahjongg #Aging https://templesholomflorida.org Upcoming this Monday: Monday 8:45 Minyan --- Aging Gracefully 10 AM --- Mahjongg 12:30 PM



Aging Gracefully As we age we are constantly, naturally changing and bombarded with physical and emotional challenges. Our bodies require more love and attention including exercise and proper nutrition to enable us to cope. Finding the quality of life we deserve from our wealth of experience is the challenge. Depending on our point of view and expectations of aging, we can find contentment. Let's celebrate that we are fortified warriors eager for our turn in the sun and balmy breezes. Let's explore our options, recognize our life lessons and gather our strength to move forward with purpose and joy. Join us weekly to explore this group. Let's learn and grow together.

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