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Are you a transplanted East Coaster? Do you miss that east coast sense of humour, kitchen parties, Celtic tunes, the salt air and people slamming on their brakes to let you cross the road? Well there’s nothing we can do about the last two but our aim is to help with the others.

So if you’re from Cape Breton, the mainland of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island or New Brunswick, this is the place to get together with people from home, have a good laugh, a few drinks and listen to some music (no, Cape Breton isn’t a province but it still deserves it’s own mention....can you tell where the Organizer is from?)

In true East Coast fashion, we’ll be a friendly bunch so of course we’re open to other people joining (or people “from away”, as we call them). So maybe you went to St. FX or your parents are from the East Coast or you could be from Ireland, Scotland or have a Celtic background or a love for Celtic music, well you’re more than welcome to join us.

Possible Meetups could be:
If you’re like me, you grew up with Irish music but also, any good Irish pub band will sing Barrett’s Privateers, Farewell to Nova Scotia or The Night That Paddy Murphy Died, so it will feel almost like home.
Maybe Ashley MacIsaac’s playing at Hugh’s Room or someone knows of a traditional Cape Breton square dance, although I don’t think they happen here as much as they did in the past.
Get together at concerts to support East Coast Musicians. Yes, that could mean Celtic music but it could also be Sloan, Matt Mays, Alan Doyle, Joel Plaskett or many of the other super-talented musicians from down east.
Once the group gets up & running and has some regulars, maybe you’d like to invite them to your house for a good guitar-filled sing-along.
The struggle for finding a real Halifax-style donair in this city is real. We could check out these places together and see how they compare to Pizza Corner. If you hear of somewhere, let the Organizer know or post in the Comments section.
Your Organizer will post some events but feel free to contact the Organizer or post in the Comments section if you have a suggestion or would like to host an event.

This group is about sharing a little piece of that East Coast charm with Toronto, connecting East Coasters away from home and basically having a good laugh. Hope to “Meet Up” with you soon.


Past events (4)

Shawn Brady & Colin Jennison @ PJ O'Brien's

P.J. O'Brien Irish Pub & Restaurant

JP Cormier Guitar Clinic @ Steve's Music Store

Steve's Music Store

St. Patrick's Day Shenanigans at McVeigh’s Irish Pub

McVeigh's Irish Pub

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