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I started this group because I love to camp. I like to be out in the fresh air and get together with friends and enjoy the sites and smells of the woods. I have found it difficult to find people that are interested in mini week-end camp trips and that is alot of what my job enables me to be able to do, so I decided to start my own meet-up group...lets go camping and get out of the city!
Welcome everyone! I work hard to ensure that there are different activities at each camping trip that you can choose to visit. Come out and have some fun, I am really excited about this camping season! You can choose to do as many or as few activities as you like.
I plan local camping trips that are within 1-2 hours of New Rochelle/Bronx area and as I spend alot of time researching for the lowest cost campgrounds and/or getting us discount group rates you will be able to save money! And I make sure that there are activities in the area! Note, although I appreciate that everyone has their favorite sites camp grounds...it is next to impossible to get more than two people to sign up for a campground that is more than 1 and 1/2 hours away from New Rochelle New York...so I almost never post any that are further than that driving range.
If you bring an item YOU should be able to assemble and disassemble anything you bring with NO help! –if you can’t please be considerate and CALL me WAY in advance and lets practice together for the ease of everyone—camping should be easy and relaxing NOT WORK! If you aren’t sitting down within 30 minutes of arrival you have forgotten the most important camping information: LESS IS MORE…You will enjoy the experience MORE if you have LESS!
All New Members are required to post an actual current picture of themselves, which is clearly identifiable for safety reasons. A picture that is far away, your face is hidden by a tree, helmet etc will not be accepted. You will not be accepted to the group with a picture that I can't recognize you when you walk into camp...and if your picture changes before I know you really well then you will be removed from group for the safety of all members.
All members must have a current paypal account, I do not accept cash payments, as I do not want cash at the site, and frankly once I get to the site I am there to relax not deal with who has paid and who hasn't. You must pay the nominal fee to sign up for an event. It unfortunately costs money to keep this site up and running and as I do not charge members monthly or annual membership fees...I have to charge a bit to off set the cost of keeping our site up so we get to keep our pictures and a way to stay in touch..please do note that I do my best to keep costs down!
It is the members responsibility to READ the write up about each camping trip and to book their own site and bring all their own food and beverage! Occasionally we get group sites which is clearly listed in the write up...so be sure to read...if you ask a question that is already in the write up...I will just tell you to "refer to the write up!" lol please it is a lot of work so save me some energy and time and just take your time to read the write up about each event.
.. everyone can do all their cooking at the base camping site that I will always post the number so we can spend time together and enjoy each others company. That does not mean we cook for you or supply food...you have to bring stoves, pots dishes etc...
Note that YOU are responsible for cleaning up anything you use. You make a mess you clean the mess, take something out, then put it back when you are done, so the next person can use it.
..if you cook it you clean it...lets keep it easy...
YOU must provide your own chairs to sit in.---Do NOT sit in other MEMBERS chairs please use common sense if you want a more comfortable chair --Bring one with!!
Pets: although this group LOVES pets it is a camping group and multiple animals often have issues together..just because your dog/cat/rabbit/turtle/bird is gentle and never causes problems does not mean that someone else's pet will react in kind...so the rule is ONE pet ONLY per trip and it is first request gets the YES...must post in the site area AFTER YOU HAVE SIGNED UP AND PAID FOR EVENT. If you show up to the site with a pet that you do not have a email approval from me ..you will be asked to leave the main site, again this is a safety issue. Please be kind and lets make this a great year. In addition, if you bring a pet with you...if you are found to be neglecting your pet, ie not feeding, ignoring, forgetting, losing etc and other members are taking time to fix these issues you will get ONE and only one gentle reminder …after that you will be removed from the group...Crazy Cool Campers are proud PET owners and we take care of our pets!
CHILDREN: New rules as of 2014 all children under the age of 10 must be off the main site or in their tent if it is a group site...by 10 p.m. NO exceptions...please don't ask just understand that some adults want some down time where they won't have to watch their language etc; Please note we have many Crazy Cool Camper Kids...they are all welcome and wanted. These posts are NOT directed at any one child they are merely designed to accommodate within reason as many members comfort levels as possible while still ensuring our Crazy cool Cids have fun too!
...all children 10 to 13 can remain in the main site until 12:00 p.m

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