Past Meetup

6th Annual Meetup Olympics-sponsored by Friends-New-In-Town

FDR State Park

2957 Crompond Rd · Yorktown Heights, NY

How to find us

We will be in section 6C...look for the Meet up sign!

Location image of event venue


YOU must sign up for the meet-up group Friends-New-In-Town to attend and pay the $8 registration fee to that meet-up group! Read all instructions about event below!!--sign up on this site just so I know who is attending from my group--hope to see you all soon this is a really special event!

This will be our Sixth annual "Meet up Olympic" event.

Here is a breakdown of the teams.........

We're going to use a slightly different method to determine the teams this year. People from Rockland and Connecticut will join together to form the "RED TEAM"

EAST and WEST of Westchester

Anyone living in the state of Connecticut or in Rockland County or points west will be part of the



Anyone living south of Interstate 287, which includes the five boroughs, Long Island and of course southern Westchester will be on the



Anyone living North of Interstate 287, Putnam County and points north will be on the


So PLEASE when you do sign up for this event, put in the RSVP which team you belong to.

Wear your TEAM COLORS at the Olympics

Once you know which team you're on, here are the team colors to wear to represent your team...

NORTH OF 287 - wears a GREEN SHIRT

EAST and WEST of Westchester - Wears a RED shirt

SOUTH OF 287-wears a BLUE shirt


We are going to need volunteers to be Co-Captains for all three teams. Please e mail me if you would like to lead your team, thanks.

And I would like to thank the team Co-Captains in advance for stepping up and leading their team!

We're also going to need JUDGES!

Again, please e mail me if you would like to be a judge, thanks!

The Opening Ceremonies

And it is my pleasure to announce that Lucia has graciously agreed to light the OLYMPIC TORCH for us this year!

She will be followed by each one of the 3 teams. When a team comes on to the field, we'll play the "TEAM SONG" that each team picked out.

If you have any suggestions for that song, just e mail your team Captains

Registration starts at 11:00
Opening Ceremonies start at 11:45

And the games begin at 12:00
We have the pavilion so this event will take place Rain or shine

You must be registered to play in the games, so PLEASE get here on time!

You bring
Your own food to grill or food that has already been cooked. Blankets if you want, coolers & beverages.
There are plenty of picnic tables with the bench seat, but your own chair will be a lot more comfortable.

We bring
Paper plates, napkins, cups, utensils, charcoal and everything needed for cooking. We will also be bringing Ketchup & Mustard for everyone.


FDR Park has grills there and I will pick up the charcoal, aluminum foil & lighter fluid to get us started. I will have some utensils but could always use more. Everyone can bring their own food and beverages and ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED! *_*

We're in the same section as last year 6C

______________****OUR PAVILION****_______________

Here's a list of Olympic events so far.......

1. Limbo contest- Everyone can participate

2. Discus throw- Co-ed- 5 people from each team

3. Simon Sez - Everyone can participate, Thanks Paul

4. Men's Hula Hoop Contest - At least 3 men, more can be added

5. Woman's Hula Hoop Contest-At least 3 woman, more can be added

6. Volleyball - 6 players from each team, 3 men & 3 woman (members can be rotated in & out)

7. Water Balloon Toss each team is represented by 14 people- more can be added if we have enough water balloons

8. Co-Ed Egg on a Spoon Race (10 people per team - 5 men, 5 women)

9. Pie eating contest - 1 member from each team

10-Trivia contest - Everyone can participate

11- Tug of War

12- Bean-bag toss

FDR Park charges a $8 parking fee per car.

There is also a $8 Meetup fee to cover expenses.


We can use volunteers!!

Besides Captains & Co-Captains we need members to

Be Judges

Keep score

Help out with the grills


Make water balloons

If you would like to help out please e mail me or say so on your RSVP.

Thanks in advance!


It would be great if people can take pictures or even a VIDEO the event.

And if anyone has a LOUD boom-box that we can use for the event it would be appreciated.

I'll post more info as we get closer


A note to all members and Organizers

As we've done for the last couple of year everyone will RSVP on the "Friends & New in Town" site. If you do join the group for the Olympics you do not have to stay in the group when the Olympics are over...feel free to leave anytime you want.

And if any Organizer posts this event on their group, please feel free to tell your members the same thing. Members can join for the Olympic games and leave any time they wish.