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East London Meet Your Neighbours organises events in the East London and inner Essex areas aimed at locals who want to meet other locals of all ages. Our club is aimed at graduates, professionals and like minded people who will enjoy and contribute to our activities. Relaxed events, including regular pub socials, are an ideal way to get to know people. Like our parent club most of our members are in their 40s, 50s and 60s but we welcome folks of all ages.

We want to involve our members in organising our programme. If you have any ideas for events let us know.
We share some events with the London IVC membership club, which is our parent organisation and is London's oldest and best social club. For information see http://www.londonivc.com

We prefer members to post their real name and a photo so that we can recognise you at events.

Upcoming events (4+)

Coffee Evening

Online event

This event is shared with our parent club London IVC and several Meetup groups. Attendance is typically 12 people.

Lets get together for an online coffee evening using Zoom. This is a friendly video conferencing package which is easy to use and lets you share video and chat with your Meetup friends.

To do this you need a PC, laptop, Ipad, smartphone or other on line device that has a video camera and microphone incorporated or attached. To join the event click on the link in the box below - only visible to people who have booked.

Follow any online instructions. When Julian lets you into the coffee lounge make sure you have switched on sound and video.

Mixed Ability Pilates

Online event


Joy now has her own Meetup which advertises the full range of Pilates classes that she offers: https://www.meetup.com/Pilates-with-Joy/

This event is shared with our parent club London IVC and several Meetup groups. Attendance is normally around 6 people.

Pilates lets you keep fit during lock down. Once you join the class you will be able to see our teacher Joy Jewson demonstrating the Pilates exercises. If you set up the camera on your PC, laptop, iPad, tablet or smart phone to point at yourself we will all be able to see you too.

Ideally you should have a Pilates or yoga mat to lie on - but the floor will do.

Click on the link (only visible if you book). The passcode is[masked]. Follow any online instructions and you will enter the waiting room from where you will be invited to join the class.

The class costs £7 for the hour. If you book 6 classes in advance (to be taken within 2 months) the cost is only £30. We will discuss payment arrangements after the class.

Pilates is a great form of exercise that strengthens the core and tones you up. Exercise like this builds the immune system - vital under present circumstances. This is a mixed ability class with choices of intensity of the exercises.

Monday Poetry - Poet Laureates & Nobel Winners

Online event

A group for folks who love poetry. Come along and present your favourite poetry. Or maybe read us one of your own poems. Or just come along to listen and enjoy. The topic today will be Contemporary Poet Laureate's / Nobel prize winners of any country (in the last twenty years).

We are on Zoom. Click on the link that appears when you RSVP and you will enter the waiting room where Dave Lawrence will let you into the poetry parlour.

The cropped photo is the present Poet Laureate Simon Armitage. Photo by Alexander Williamson - https://www.flickr.com/photos/alexanderwilliamson/3768056245/

Online Current Affairs Chat

Online event

Event shared with other Meetups and our parent club London IVC and typically attracts around 12 people.

Nina leads an informal Zoom chat on the topic of What's in the News. Tonight's topic is the NHS.friendly debate.

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Virtual Pub Evening - quiz, open mic, music videos

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