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This is not a group for married couples or married women looking for a unicorn or cisgendered men. We are a women's (inclusive of trans mtf) group. There are other Meetups for those type of friendships.

We are a Meetup Group and we have a Podcast (Latina LesBi y Que Podcast). Listen to us on Spotify or Apple Podcasts (iTunes) or at these links http://latinalesbipodcast.libsyn.com or http://www.latinalesbipodcast.com

This is a group for Latina Lesbian, bisexual, women who luv women, or women who love Spanish speaking women and who are interested in: Social & professional networking, friendships, dating other like-minded latinas. I started this group because I think that there is a real need for genuine LGB friendships between Latinas that live in the East Los Angeles, South East L.A. & San Gabriel Valley areas.

I created this group of Mujeres for 2 main reasons: 1) I want to meet new Latina Amigas that are interested in friendships and networking 2) I want to meetup on the Eastside of downtown L.A. Weho is fun but sometimes you want to hang out closer to home away from the bar scene that is not often inclusive of diversity.

We calendar events for those of us who love to dance and mingle, those of who love to read, love to hike, love to see movies, love to go out to dinner or love to network. Join us to create a welcoming environment where latinas and those who love latinas can meet to create genuine friendships and perhaps find love along the way.

A clear, front facing pic is required to join. I must be able to see you clearly.

If you would like to remain discreet, you may e-mail me a pic at latinabilesbian@gmail.com. If approved after sending photo, you will still need to create a profile on this site but a photo of yourself would not be required.


1. Transparency: If you’re in a relationship with a man or just got out of a relationship with a man. Disclose that, right away.
2. Sexuality: Sexuality is fluid. But label and identify your sexuality at this point in time to another woman of interest.
3. Communication: If she tells you she is not interested; Believe her and move on.
4. Integrity: If you’re not interested, don’t lead women on with hopes of intimacy and friendship. If you say not interested then act not interested.
5. Relationships: Respect relationships. If they are taken, stay away. Likewise if you are in relationship with another woman, disclose that right away. Relationships between women are safe here.
6. Honesty: Be honest.
7. Community: Lift each other up in friendship and community.
8. Alert: Let me know if someone is bothering you through meet up messages.
9. Connections: Let me know if I can help you meet a nice lady. I’m open to facilitating love.
10. Keep it light: Take your time to meet each other in friendship and love. Rushing into anything is never a good idea.

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