What we're about

We are a bunch of men and women who get together every month on a Friday evening to do arts and crafts together. Some of us are semi professional, some are total amateurs and just for fun. We chat and work on whatever we are into.
Some paint, some sew, some produce complicated presents for family members that have needed months and months of work, some just sew on the buttons that have come off their shirts.
We also run some kind of workshop every month for those that don't know where to start. You can try something new and get some help, they cost a bit extra and you have to book so we can get you the materials. We get about 10 people doing that each time.
The group is run by the church, so we just ask £2 to cover costs but you can try for free or pay whatever you want. We lay on free tea and coffee. There is a wide mix of ages and of crafts. We have a man working on his Star Wars Death Star lamp and an old lady who can't thread her own needle any more. We have an expert seamstress who does alterations for money to a student working on her A level art project. We love to see how each project progresses and there is always a spare pair of hands around just to hold something steady while you glue it.
And people bring wine and snacks.

(It is adults only just to be clear)


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Community Art Project - we will produce a piece together

Come along and fold a butterfly which will be part of a piece hung on the walls of St Mary's Church. Made from old Methodist hymn books to go on the walls of a Church of England church. Suitable for all ages. During the church service, anyone can fold as many butterflies as they want. Fold one as a prayer for someone you love, or fold lots and contemplate life or make tons with your Mum, your kids and your great aunt. You can write a name or a prayer on the paper before you fold it if you want. All the butterflies will be strung that morning by some of the local Made In Molesey crafters and hung in front of a purple satin back drop that afternoon. You are welcome to come back and enjoy it the next Sunday if we don't quite finish it that morning, we hope we will though. If you want to stay you can, there is a Tesco round the corner to grab some lunch and plenty of cafes. St Mary's church during the normal all age service. [masked] on Sunday 3rd March. Free breakfast and coffee served from 10.15. All materials provided.

Crafting Get Together

St Mary's Church

Either bring your own craft project or do the workshop (which you need to book). £2 to attend, pop it in the box on the night. We'll have tea and coffee available for free or you can bring a bottle with you, some do. Sit wherever you like, though workshop people do have to sit together. If you want to bring your project, then there are no limits. Typically people bring painting and sewing and card making, but we also have someone making a death star lamp and some exquisite embroiderers and of course knitters. The boomerang bag crew come so you can join in with that community project if you want. Other things you could bring are leather working, buttons to sew on, sketching, calligraphy and crochet. If you don't know what to do or want to try something new then you can book onto the workshop. This month it is to learn how to do pyrography and to burn your own design into a wooden box. All materials provided. Cost is £20 so message me if you want a place. You need to book at least a week in advance so I can buy the tools. You will get your own pyrography tool to keep and you will get to do at least one box on the night. We do a little tour at 9pm and go and look at what others are doing to get some ideas and help people meet one another. We finish at 10.30 but don't have to rush to get out. Everyone helps to clear the tables and chairs away as we are all volunteers and it is our club. I do a little welcome talk at 8pm to introduce myself. You'll easily find me. We get between 20 and 40 people and it is very easy to make friends. We get more women than men, some months we get a few but if you are a man don't be put off just because it is mainly women. If you have any questions, message me or you can come and ask me anything on the night. Hope you have fun.

Art and Craft Exhibition

St Mary's Church

Free art and craft exhibition of locally made items. Free entry. Teas and coffees available. Wide range of skills displayed - embroidery, glass cutting, needle felting, sewing, painting, wreaths, embossing, knitting, crochet. Many items for sale. Feel free to pop in and browse. All artists will be in attendance and willing to answer questions.

Crafting get together for men and women

St Mary's Church

Either bring your own craft or book onto the workshop where everything is provided for you. Very chilled atmosphere, bring along whatever you are working on, sit wherever you like, work quietly or chat to those around you as you choose. £2 to come along. Sign yourself in on the little table by the door and pop your £2 in the box. Pick a place and settle in for the night. We have free tea and coffee, Elspeth will serve you or help yourself when you need it. If you are doing the workshop, and usually about 10 people choose to do that, you have to book in advance so we can buy all the stuff for you. This month it is to make these eggs and is being run by experienced crafter Mags. Workshop people sit together and she guides you through it all. It is £5 this month and you can book by messaging me on meet up or by emailing [masked] At 9pm, we do a tour for a break. Totally optional, but we all have a little wander round, meet each other, ask about the crafts, see how stuff is progressing. Never be embarrassed about your craft, so many people say they "just sew" or can "only do a bit of whittling" or that they "just bring a few buttons along to sew on and it isn't proper craft". Rubbish. We all do a mix of things. What you do will always seem easy to you, but others may not be able to do it. It's all for fun and none of us are professional. True, some are exceptionally talented and everything they do is exquisite, but we all love craft and making stuff and it isn't a competition. It's about making space in your life to wind down and concentrate on something for your own joy, self expression or practical needs. It is about learning about yourself, developing the patience to thread that needle 15 times without getting frustrated, or to let the world pass by while you work on fixing one part of a model that is taking your months to do. Or maybe it is just finding a few hours t put those photos in photo albums like you keep promising yourself. So come and meet some new people and have a cheap evening in good company away from the hullabaloo of the world. See you soon. Sally

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