St Leonards Kirtan


Kirtan (keer-tan) is a form of singing or chanting, which is part of the Bhakti path of yoga. It can be a meditative and joyous experience that anyone can benefit from, you don't need to be a singer to participate!

We will sing in call-and-response (we will sing a line, and invite you to sing it back to us) and will be accompanied by beautiful acoustic harmonium and dolac and djembe drums. The rhythm will build over several minutes, and then we will return to a place of stillness allowing us to enjoy the soothing effects of the sound on the body and mind.

We will be together for an hour at the gorgeous St Leonards Studio with it's welcoming feel and lovely seafront setting, and it's easy on-street parking of an evening.

The studio can be located via Googlemaps at

You can drop-in, or you can pre-book via meetup or eventbrite (link below) or contact us at [masked]/[masked] to reserve your space.

Eventbrite link :
(please note that eventbrite charges a booking fee)

Cost : £8 per person, though please do contact us if cost would prohibit your attendance, as this is a practice for all ♥

We look forward to welcoming you to kirtan ♥

Marnie & Patricia