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The East Tennessee Adventure Group is for anyone interested in outdoor activities including but not limited to ; hiking, biking, camping, climbing, flat and whitewater kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding , sea kayaking , etc.. Single and multiday overnight outings. All skill levels are welcome. Exploring the water resources and mountain terrains, not only in our back yard but any where the compass lead us.
We began this group to bring outdoor enthusiasts together with experienced and safety conscious organizers. You will be invited to experience different year round activities of varying skill levels . There will be some serious stress free fun for all. Come share ,learn and explore with us . ~ ETAG

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Clinch River (Kyle's Ford area)

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

This will be a new trip for me. I have never been down this stretch of river, however, after extensive research I have decided to make this a trip! This is located in upper East Tennessee (in Hancock County, near the Virginia line). The takeout is at a small hamlet called "Kyle's Ford" located on the Clinch River. We will shuttle upstream to the launch site in Virginia and paddle down to Kyle's Ford. Distance is 14-15 miles. There will most likely be some current to help out with the paddling and we'll stop a few times to stretch and snack. Expect this trip to take most of the day with river times and driving, etc. It is roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes from Knoxville--one way. As far as boats go, you'll need a kayak that is between 9-17' long (no true whitewater boats!) and canoes are acceptable (shorter kayaks will be harder and less fun to paddle). You'll want your kayak/canoe to be pretty tough as there are some rocks and small shoals. This trip is all class I with a small section that could be considered class II. There's a limit on the attendees for safety reasons. Please update your RSVP if you can no longer attend. NO PETS! Everyone will have a more enjoyable time if we follow this rule. Thanks If the flows are extremely high or way too low, then we'll cancel or reschedule for another time. Hopefully the weather is decent and the temperature is acceptable for a safe and enjoyable outing. There is a local restaurant located at the takeout/outfitter and I plan to eat there once we get off the river. This is a 14-15 mile trip with a fairly easy shuttle. Located about 1 hour and 40 minutes from Knoxville in Kyle's Ford, TN. Let me know if you have any questions. To attend this trip with us, you will need: *a kayak or canoe (must be heavy duty and river worthy) *a paddle *a PFD/lifejacket (must be worn while on or in the river) * sunscreen? *any medications that you might need? *small first aid kit? *snacks/water to drink *change of clothes/towel *proper river attire and footwear! *prior kayak and/or canoe experience!!! *NO PETS! *money for food at the diner/cafe at the takeout? *heavy-duty dry bags (for lunch, snacks, phone, etc.)? *a positive attitude :) ***By signing up, and/or attending, you agree that this is a risky/dangerous activity and you agree to hold no one liable for an accident if it were to occur.***

The Almost Heaven Paddle Battle on beautiful Summersville lake, WV

The Almost Heaven Paddle Battle on beautiful Summersville lake, WV will happen on May 18th, 2019. The start and end of both races is at the Battle Run Campground area, so there will be no need for shuttle! Three race lengths( 3, 6, and 12 mile) will provide a race for everyone. The 6 and 12 mile races will take paddlers past the picturesque sandstone of Long Point. This is one of the most visited areas on Summersville Lake. Spectators can choose to view the 6 and 12 mile race from the Long Point overlook or hike the Long Point trail and view the 6 and 12 mile race from the point of Long Point. All participants who register and compete will receive lunch on site during the awards ceremony. All participants who complete a race will receive a finisher prize. Winners from the 12 mile race categories will receive a cash payout!

Memorial Day Weekend Campout in Hot Springs, NC!!!

Hot Springs Resort & Spa Campground


***Please read the ENTIRE description*** There is a $35 (thirty-five) fee that you'll need to pay me when you arrive to help cover the cost of the campsites. We have Friday afternoon at 3:00pm through Monday morning at 11:00am reserved at sites 409 and 411. Simply pay me the $35 cash when you arrive. Whether you stay 1 night or all 3 nights, it's $35 total, per person, for the weekend. Thanks! This is the 2019 Memorial Day Weekend Camping trip with the ETAG meetup!!! I reserved sites 409 and 411 at the Hot Springs Resort & Spa campground in quaint and scenic Hot Springs, North Carolina!! There is a limit of 12 attendees and a max vehicle total of no more than 7 vehicles at the two campsites, total. Please keep this in mind. Thanks! Here's the plan... We'll leave Knoxville Friday after work and head to Hot Springs (just under a 2 hour drive). Some folks may choose to arrive on Saturday morning. Here's the cool part... There's so many different outdoorsy things to do in the area! I will lead a trip down 2-3 different sections of the French Broad River over the weekend, while others may choose to go hiking in the Pisgah National Forest or on the Appalachian Trail (which runs through Hot Springs). Asheville is about 40 minutes away and there's the tubs to soak in around Hot Springs, plus the spa itself. Great local food and shopping is available in Hot Springs. You can easily walk to anywhere in Hot Springs from our campsite! We have to be out of the campsite by 11:00am on Monday morning, but I'm still planning to run a river section on Monday afternoon. There are fire rings and picnic tables at the campsites. Hot showers and restrooms are available in the campground. Hot Springs is an outdoor tourist town on the Appalachian Trail with a total population of around 600 people who love sharing the mountains, rivers, and trails with other outdoorsy folks. It is a very special area! This event will happen, rain or shine. There is a limit of 12 attendees for the two campsites total and no more than 7 vehicles at the two sites total. Things you might need for the CAMPING part: *a good tent *a canopy (to put over your tent to help with rain, just in case) *air mattress/sleeping pad *a pillow *sleeping bag *shower shoes *change of clothes/towel *toiletries *small first aid kit? *any medications that you might need? *bug spray? *headlamp or lantern *food to cook and share with others *a positive attitude!! :) *NO PETS!!! NO PETS!!! NO PETS!!! Please leave your pets at home!!! Everyone will have a more enjoyable trip if we all do this. Thank you!!! To attend the CANOEING/KAYAKING part, you will need: *a kayak or canoe (MUST be able to handle whitewater!!) *a paddle *a PFD/lifejacket (MUST be properly worn while on or in the river!) *a whitewater helmet (no bike or construction helmets) *proper river shoes and attire (no cotton or blue jeans and good shoes that stay on your feet) *a "heavy-duty dry bag (to put snacks, etc.) *good swimming ability and knowledge of the whitewater swimmer's position! *class II experience required for sections 10 and 11. Class III experience required for section 9. *sunscreen *change of clothes/towel *water to drink and snacks *lunch to take on the river, we'll eat riverside! *NO PETS!!!! * a positive attitude! :) There are several rafting outfitters that provide service on section 9 (if you have no gear and/or are too inexperienced). See their respective websites for details, age regulations, and prices. Generally, reservations are not required, BUT it's good to call ahead since this is a holiday weekend. This looks to be a fantastic weekend in a beautiful place and I'm looking forward to having a blast with everyone. Please ask any and all questions beforehand. ***By signing up, and/or attending, you agree that this is a dangerous activity and you agree to hold no one liable for an accident if it were to occur.***

Chattooga River OVERNIGHTER --- Whitewater class II-III+/WILD & SCENIC

***The date is tentative. It could be moved forward or back 1 week or so. More details to come ASAP. PLEASE update your RSVP if you can no longer attend! Please read the entire description. Thank you *** ***This trip is designed for intermediate and advanced paddlers ONLY! Not trying to come across sounding abrasive but the Chattooga River is not to be taken lightly. As the trip leader, I like to have a good grip on the guidance of the group which is why the small size. This will be my third time doing this section of the Chattooga River in the last 10 years. For those that do not qualify to attend this trip for skill reasons, check out the upper Clinch River trip in May and I'll do some shorter lower Hiwassee trips in the fall and the upper Hiwassee in late summer. Safety first!*** The Chattooga River is an American classic. It starts in southwestern North Carolina and flows south, creating the uppermost border between South Carolina and Georgia. The forests here are deep and vast. This is an isolated river. The Chattooga (pronounced: sha-too-gah) is one of the most wild and scenic rivers left in the eastern United States...if not the whole country. We are doing section 3 of the Chattooga River. This is from a place called Earl's Ford to the U.S. Highway 76 bridge. Both access areas are public land administered by the U.S. Forest Service. It remains much the same today as it did before Europeans arrived. This is a special place. The 1972 American film "Deliverance" was shot on the Chattooga River. The water is clear and the sounds of man are nowhere to be heard. This is the home of the black bear, brook trout, bobcat, and the bald eagle. We are only visitors here and that is why the Chattooga is so special. There are no cabins, no power lines, no railroad tracks, and no roads along the river. This is the eastern United States...and entire country at its best. THIS IS AN OVERNIGHT PADDLING TRIP!!! WE WILL PADDLE, THEN CAMP, AND PADDLE OUT THE NEXT DAY!! IT IS PRIMITIVE, BACKCOUNTRY CAMPING. To attend this trip with us, you will need: *a whitewater kayak or whitewater sit-on-top!! (ask if unsure about yours) NO rentals available at the river for this trip. *a whitewater paddle only!! (ask if unsure about yours) *a whitewater helmet!! (no bike or construction helmets) *a USCG approved type III paddling lifejacket/ PFD (must be properly worn at all times while on the river!!) *proper river attire and footwear *sunscreen, change of clothes/towel, small first aid kit, any medications you need, toiletries, etc. *cash for food or emergency *waterproof camera? *backpacking tent *sleeping pad *sleeping bag * backpacking supplies, etc? LEAVE NO TRACE!!!! We'll pack it in AND pack it out!! :) ***NO PETS ALLOWED!!!!*** My plan as of now is to meet somewhere outside Knoxville, Tenn. on the morning of that Saturday. It will be fairly early. Once everyone is there at the meet spot, we'll carpool and/or caravan to the river takeout. We'll leave some vehicles there and shuttle up to the put-in. It should be around noon by now, so we'll paddle about 5-6 miles and then set up camp for the night. On the next day, we'll paddle the other river miles to the takeout and then get to our correct vehicles from the shuttle and then head home by Sunday early evening. It is a 2 hour and 45 minute drive from Maryville, where we'll probably meet on Saturday morning.

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