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2nd Annual Chrismukkah Gaming!

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Vitello's Restaurant - Back room

4349 Tujunga Ave. · Studio City, CA

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Ask the host or hostess to point you towards the back room!

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***please note the revised start/end time! We were just asked by Vitello’s to bump up our time!***

The Twelve Days of Gaming" (a shortened version, written by yours truly and updated from last year’s version I wrote back then)

On the 12th day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:

12 Dice a-rollin’
11 Games of Splendor
10 Turns a-takin’
9 Catans a-Settlin’
8 Games of Spot It
7 Chardonnays a-spillin’
6 Games a-playin’
5 Power Grids!

4 Taboo clues
3 Pandemics
2 Bananagrams
and a Happy Gamer at Vitello’s!

Come on down to Vitello's to celebrate the holidays with some gaming! Inspired by one of my very favorite TV characters, Seth Cohen from "The O.C.", we'll raise a game piece to Chrismukkah on this Sunday, our 2nd annual holiday party. We'll have festive holiday music (not so loud that we can't hear each other while gaming) and an optional gift exchange.

The gift exchange will begin at 1:30 and last until 3ish? 2:30? (It depends on how many people participate.) So if you're doing the gift exchange, you need to be at Vitello's by 1:30. If you plan to participate, please bring a NEW, nice, wrapped gift valued between $10 and $15. Please, no white elephant gifts. (Suggestions: iTunes cards, Starbucks cards, hey...what about Vitello's gift cards?, lottery tickets, a bottle of wine, a giftcard to the movies, Amazon cards, etc.) As you can see, I'm a personal fan of giftcards because I'm a Lazy Shopper. ;-) Participation in the gift exchange is entirely voluntary.

NOW, to make the gift exchange more fun for our group, we're going to try a "getting to know you" activity. (Just like those lame icebreakers you have to do at work! FUN.)

Please come with 3 secret facts about yourself in your head (facts as in, things that you haven't shared with the group about yourself). We'll give you 3 strips of paper to write them down, we'll put them in a bowl (OR SOME OTHER TYPE OF CONTAINER THAT WILL POSSIBLY OFFEND YOU BUT WILL DEFINITELY ENTERTAIN YOU), and we'll take turns guessing the person and exchanging gifts in that way. What we want is for this to be FUN and silly - in other words, if you think the point of this is to get a gift that's perfect for you, you might be missing the point. ;-) Happy, positive attitudes only - no Grinches allowed! (If you end up with a bottle of wine and you're not a drinker, we encourage you to request a trade with another member, or one of the organizers will be happy to trade with you.)

Examples of fun facts about you - maybe you lived in a foreign country for years, maybe you've built houses for Habitat for Humanity, maybe you speak 5 languages, maybe you're a huge Justin Bieber fan, maybe you used to follow the Grateful Dead, maybe you donated a kidney to Keith Richards, etc. The sillier and more arcane, the better. Sort of like "2 Truths and a Lie," except these should all be true.

Food---We REALLY need you to justify our presence by ordering a drink, an entree, maybe even a calzone? BTW, the spinach quinoa salad is delicious, as are the tuna melt and the tiramisu. Good stuff. Just please be cool and careful with your food and drink and don’t spill on games, or you’ll be expected to replace them, which we think is fair. Games---Feel free to bring your own games, or just play the ones that others bring. There's always a healthy selection of strategy games, word games, party games, and so on. Attendance---This is a drop-in event, so you don’t have to stay the whole time. Come for an hour, come for two hours, show up late, leave early. We know the holidays are busy for everyone.

Parking---Since it’s Sunday, the meters are free. But check the signs because this is a residential neighborhood. There’s also Vitello’s valet for $5.00. Vitello’s is located on the west side of Tujunga, south of Moorpark, just a little further south up the road from Aroma Café.

Guests---Please note: Our events are not "plus ones," meaning, if you have a spouse, date, or friend(s) that you'd like to attend with you, he/she/they must create their own Meetup profile(s) and rsvp separately. Thank you for respecting our policy.