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our weekly friday (and sometimes sunday) night game!
we're on for friday starting at 7! and don't let the number of RSVP players fool you - we will have 10 players for sure (from other people that aren't a part of meetup). we go till typically around 3-ish, but certainly have played till longer if people wanted to. ... remember the night of the (disappointing) blizzard? we got 10 guys to voluntarily sit and play poker, knowing that we would be snowed in. we played all night, and then everyone just slept on my spare bed, sofa, floor. ha it was hilarious!

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What we're about

We call this a home game because it's played out of my living room (where I live with my girlfriend). Lately, we've been playing on our PRIVATE ROOFTOP - check out the pics! But this won't last as the weather gets colder. Then we'll take it back to our living room.

We're right here on 13th and 3rd, steps away from Union Square.

We now open the game up to anyone interested, but screen tightly. We're looking for fellow normal people. We screen out thugs and riff-raff. It is not an intimidating group at all. Just seriously fun, relaxed vibe. If you killed the vibe, you seriously wouldn't be invited back!

No one is out to "crush it" and try to pay rent with their poker winnings. There is one True Donkey here. It's seriously fun when he starts losing and goes on tilt. We all have a great time laughing at him while he whines about whatever hand being "so sick". He takes it like a champ, and it's all in good fun.

How do you NOT wanna be a part of this good time?

FYI, in case it's not obvious: Please note that even though it may say that only 1 or 2 donkeys are attending the weekly meetup, the fact is that we are ALWAYS playing on Fridays. Almost all RSVPs happen via text, so you won't see the RSVP count increase on Meetup.


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