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I love singing!! It is one of the biggest passion of mine!! There are many karaoke groups in the bay area but they are quite far for the folks living around zip code 94572 so I have created this karaoke group which will be held within 25 miles of 94572 informally. We can host karaoke party at each other's house or at local Indian restaurants. If we are hosting at each other's house there wont be any cooking nor potluck because it takes up time for the hosts. The host will prepare only chai and that will be it!! You don't have to be classically trained, if you are great but we are just meeting to enjoy our passion for singing. I have to pay monthly dues so when you decide to join this group, you will be paying your share which is very minimum, $10 every 6 months.. Thank you once again for checking this group out and let's plan to meet up soon and share our passion!!!!

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