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April Casual Night at Patti's Home
• What we'll do Greetings, Wine Friends! Patti has invited us to her home in Ahwatukee (32nd St and Frye) on Saturday, April 28th for our next Casual Night! The theme of the event is going to be an interesting challenge: Zinfandel! Quite often, focusing on a single varietal doesn't give you much potential for variety. However, this is not the case for Zinfandel, one the oldest varietals in the known history of winemaking. Whether you reach back to its historical roots in Croatia where Zin is known as Crljenak Kastelanski, or in Italy where it is known as Primativo, Zinfandel flavor and structure profiles differ drastically. While some are "jammy" and sweet, others are bold, inky, with delicious, lingering finish. Depending upon the style of Zinfandel, pairing with food can be an adventure, with one style complementing strawberry-topped cheesecake, while another complements filet mignon! This event will give us an opportunity to share some of these wonderful Zinfandel styles and experiment with how they dance with the sweet, savory, salty, spicy qualities of food. If you are flying solo, bring one bottle. If you are bringing a guest, bring two bottles! The wine that you select should be something that you enjoy and trust. This means that rather than selecting something at random or based on how pretty the label is, bring something that you have had before or has been recommended. While you can easily find wonderful wines in the $15 to $25 price range, don't let that price range limit your search. Great wine quite often isn't determined by price. If you need help, Total Wine usually has a sommelier or someone knowledgeable on staff who can point you toward the perfect bottle. If you like, include a note on the bottle about what inspired your choice. This can be location of purchase, cost, invoked memories, or all of the above! One, additional thought to inspire your choice: Zinfandel is intended to be red! Although "White Zinfandel" does exist, with vary rare exceptions, the quality doesn't come close to that of reds. However, if you happen to find a rare Zinfandel rosé that strikes your fancy, bring it - but be prepared to let us know what inspired your choice! RSVP and Directions Please respond to the invitation no later than the Thursday evening before the event. Only those who respond YES by Thursday night will be sent the address on Friday morning/early afternoon. If you haven't received directions by Friday afternoon, check your SPAM folder. If directions are still missing, email Imre or Tana - we won't leave anyone stranded. You are always welcome to bring a guest to an event but you need to include that person in your RSVP as well as bringing the appropriate amount of food and wine. If your plans change, please change your RSVP right away. Since most events have a guest limit, no-shows prevent those on the waiting list from being able to sign up. If you have any questions, email one of us. Tana & Imre • What to bring If you are inspired by the theme and would like to bring food, or if there is you and a guest, then please bring a dish, along with serving utensils. And we love it when you post an idea of what you are going to bring when you RSVP, so there is plenty of variety. • Important to know Wine and Drive: These don’t mix, obviously. Each person attending these events is responsible for his/her own behavior, safety and sobriety. The host is in no way liable for anything that might occur at the event or afterward, including driving home. You are responsible to designate a driver for yourself and your companions for every event. Smoking: Please note that smoking is NOT permitted at this, or ANY event.

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