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September Casual Night at Connie's

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What is Casual Night?
Casual nights are casual wine tastings. We get together at someone's house to enjoy wine, food, each other's company and wine knowledge.

This Month
You are all invited to Connie's on Saturday, September 29th, beginning at 7:00 pm. The major crossroads are Cooper and Warner in Gilbert.

The theme is Pinot Noir - Connie's current favorite, and one of Tana's favorites. (Tana used to work for a winery that specializes in Pinot, so she's a bit of a Pinot snob...). There are many different styles of Pinot; dependent on which clone was grown, the terroir, the type(s) of oak used, length of aging, and of course the qualities the winemaker wants the wine to exhibit. So join us to learn more about this fabulous grape and why we love it! What I want to add is since Pinot is considered one of the most difficult grapes to grow and make into wine, there is no such thing as 'good cheap Pinot', so plan on spending a little more to get something mouth-wateringly delicious. (And please, don't try to prove me wrong....) Feel free to bring your favorite, if you have one, and if you don't, then look around with this information in mind.

Also, this is Tana's unofficial birthday celebration, so all the more reason to drink good Pinot Noir!

What to bring – food and wine

Wine – Bring one (or two if you'd like) bottles of wine. (Think $10, $15 or $20 a bottle.) Ideally, bring a wine that matches the theme. If it’s a wine that you really don’t like, bring something that you do like.

We’d really like to know a little bit about the wine you brought, so please write a note and attach it to your bottle indicating – your name, where you bought it, your "review" of the wine, and it’s cost (don’t cover the bottle’s label). We have printed labels available when you sign in if you want to use one.

Food – Any member whose first name begins with A to L and anyone that’s bringing a guest (more than one person on the RSVP), bring a dish to share with the group, along with serving utensils. (The other half of the alphabet will be asked to bring a dish next month.) If it’s not your turn to bring food, but you have a dish you’d like to bring, please feel free to. And we’d appreciate it if you post an idea of what you are going to bring when you RSVP.

RSVP and Directions

Please respond to the invitation no later than the Thursday evening before the event. Only those who respond YES by Thursday night will be sent the address on Friday morning. If you haven't received directions by Friday evening, email Tana. You are always welcome to bring a guest to an event; but you need to include that person in your RSVP (and provide the appropriate amount of food and wine).

*If your plans change, we request you change your RSVP right away. Since most events have a guest limit, if you do not show up, then someone else who wanted to come did not get to because you had that spot.

Wine and Drive

These don’t mix, obviously. Each person attending these events is responsible for his/her own behavior, safety and sobriety. The host is in no way liable for anything that might occur at the event or afterward, including driving home. You are responsible to designate a driver for yourself and your companions for every event.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



Smoking - Please note that smoking is NOT permitted at this, or ANY event.