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Do you have your own business, but don't know what to say to magnetically attract clients and contracts? Networking, but it's not going so well? Perhaps you have tried to craft an elevator pitch, but it feels forced and it even makes you uncomfortable! Or when you say what you do, the response is just lukewarm - perhaps you wish you could consistently get a response of "Oh, Wow! Let's work together!"

Whether at a formal networking event, or when doing a consultation for your services, being able to be both authentic and compelling is essential to making strong connections that directly lead to growing your business.

Unlike the standard formulaic methods, the “Anti-Pitch” is a relaxed and conversational way to speak about your work that both feels good and organically attracts your favorite clients.

Attendees can expect to:

Discover the 5 essential keys to Compelling Communication Learn up the 3 ingredients needed to speaking compellingly about your work Get powerful tips for effective nonverbal communication You’ll walk away knowing how to speak with power, presence, and a clear message that rings loud and clear with your ideal clients and customers.

About the presenter: Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA helps self-aware entrepreneurs speak with clarity and presence so that potential clients can’t wait to work with them. Through private coaching and workshops, he empowers you to enhance both your inner and outer performance – overcoming internal blocks, fear and discomfort, to become master speakers and networkers who speak with authenticity and presence.

The founder of WholeSpeak™ ( ) and a coach for 15 years, he draws upon a life’s experience in both theater and public speaking, which he combines with self-development methods and business savvy, to help you show up as the most authentic and best version of yourself, wherever you go.

Jonathan holds a MS in Speech Communication and Performance Studies and MFA in Contemporary Performance. He is also Artistic Director of The Illuminated Theater, and writes tips on self-improvement at The Inspiration Blog ( ).