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You may not find it easy meeting new people in Eastbourne who are in their 20s and 30s. If you do want to meet new people, expand your social life and of course attend many great events, then this is the group for you!

Eastbourne 20s & 30s is here on Meetup to provide just that! As a member you will be welcome to attend any meeting that you so wish! Our normal activities consist of pub quizzes, walks, drinking, cinemas, bowling, brunch, breakfast, comedy nights and many more events of similar nature.

We aim to make everyone feel as welcome as possible! It can be a scary prospect going to an event and seeing people you do not know! We always try and make you feel comfortable and a part of the group!

So if you fancy expanding your social circle, sign up to this group and then the next meetup on the calender!

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New Members: Your first 2 events are free. Once you have attended these events you will be asked to pay the £10 fee that we ask for to attend our events. Please note that if you sign up to an event and do not show up without changing your RSVP then this will use up one of your free meetups.

Fee can be paid to this link: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8lhp0VUoC5. (https://paypal.me/pools/c/85OrPD76P5)

Upcoming events (2)

20s & 30s Jogging Event

Holywell Tea Chalet

We will meet at Holywell Cafe at 18:00 and set off at 18:15. We will jog across the hills for a short distance. We will set off immediately at 18:15 or when everyone has arrived. Please do try and get there for 18:00 if possible so we can go as early as possible. Please also remember to do your stretches before and after the jog. Our jogs usually last between 5 and 10 miles. Be prepared to jog the latter. Please ensure you bring the following: 1. Appropriate footwear/running shoes 2. A bottle of water 3. Appropriate clothing for jogging 4. Headphones/phone to listen to music if you would like to do that 5. Anything else I may not have mentioned but you think is important to bring Lets get fit!

Walk on Cuckoo Trail and Pub Lunch

Cuckoo Trail

Join us for a walk from the Polegate entrance to the Cuckoo Trail to Hailsham on Sunday 1st November 2020. We will meet at 10:30am and will leave at 10:45am or when everyone has arrived, whichever the earlier. It will take approximately 1 hours to walk to Hailsham. We will then have a Pub Lunch at the Wetherspoons followed by a walk back to the meeting point. We will be walking in groups of 6 and at the pub you will be sat in groups of 6. If we have more than 6 people attend then we will have multiple groups with nominated member to lead each group. ============================================ Please follow our new Social Distancing Guidelines (Please note these are generic social distancing guidelines. Social Distancing Guidelines set by any business/company we visit will supersede these guidelines): 1. A face mask must always be worn at our events at all times (unless you are eating or drinking or are exempt). 2. I will have Hand Sanitizer on me and I will offer it to everyone, so please feel free to use it 3. Please maintain a 2 metre distance from all other attendees. If you cannot maintain a 2 metre distance then please stay 1 metre away with extra precautions such as Rule 1 and Rule 2. 4. Do not shake anyones hands 5. Do not abuse or get within 1 metre of someone as a joke 6. Do not cough or spit at people. Anyone caught doing that will be permanently banned from the group. 7. Stay in Groups of 6. If we have more than 6 attendees then we will set up multiple group areas away from each other. 8. Do not share your food or drink with anyone unless they are from the same household as you are. 9. Do not smoke while sitting with the group. If you would like a Cigarette then please move to another area away from the group. 10. Music can be played but only to a volume where people can still hear each other without shouting. 11. If you are tested positive and/or develop symptoms for COVID-19 within 21 days of attending this event then please contact me on Whatsapp, Meet Up or by Telephone so I can let all attendees know. This can be done privately and when I inform other members I will just state "One member at the recent event you attended has developed symptoms/tested positive for COVID-19" if you do not wish to be named. This is for extra precautions as we would have been in close contact with everyone. I understand though that contacting us may not be your priority but we would appreciate it if you do. Anyone caught not following the social distancing rules will be banned from future events. Please respect the rules. If everyone does not follow the rules then I may have to reconsider hosting Offline Events. I hope to see you there and if you have any concerns relating to this meetup then please feel free to ask. I ask all if everyone could supply their contact details for Track and Trace purposes in case anyone has any symptoms of COVID-19 shortly after the event.

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