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Sharing the Seed of Mindfulness - Free Meditation Tutorial
When you learn to be mindfully present, you will have the tools you need to deal with stress and handle difficult emotions for a lifetime. Mindfulness and meditation will enable you to cultivate presence of mind and body throughout your life. Your mindfulness/mediation practice can start now. Check this out! This meditation instruction video is short, simple and informative. They managed to pack a lot of basic, helpful information into two minutes. This 2 minute animation gives you the basics of meditation and mindfulness. It emphasizes the fact that as soon as you sit down to meditate, your brain is going to go nuts! And that’s okay! It’s all part of the experience. Click on 'RSVP' to share that you 'attended' this meetup and then click on the link below to get started.

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Welcome! Think of this as your time with spirit. My name is Regina and, as a Medium and Channel, I offer you a connection with spirit. A connection that may help you find closure, healing, humor, strength and direction.

Mediumship - Participants come to connect with loved ones who have passed. Who will come through for you?
Channeling - I work from a conscious state and access higher realms by connecting with high-level guides and masters. The currently scheduled series of events will be an interactive events during which I will describe my work, channel a teaching from Spirit and provide opportunity for participants to ask questions to Spirit concerning the teaching.

Some events are 'gallery' group events. Spirit may address individual participants and/or address the audience as a whole. Other events are public with the opportunity to schedule private sessions.

I am blessed, grateful and truly excited to make this connection with you.

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