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Smartsheet: Training room

Smartsheet, 10500 NE 8th St, #400 · Bellevue, wa

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Details will posted once I get the information.

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Can an AI be creative? Probably not, but they sure can draw some pretty pictures! Generative-Adversarial-Networks (GANs) are an exciting new way to generate images and video (and other media) from learned examples. If we show it what a bunch of cats look like, then it will be able to invent and display new cats. If we show it cars, it can imagine new cars. That’s a fun and useful tool, but GANs truly show their power when we condition them on some other data (cGAN). We might train it to implement Zoom-and-Enhance, or how to turn a night time image into a daytime image, or how to render photo realistic game graphics. The possibilities of GANs sometimes seem endless and I am pleased to share a few of them with you.

The room is sponsored by Smartsheet and food will be provided by Smartsheet.

You can park under the Bank of America / Hyatt building on the corner of 8th and Bellevue way. The parking garage is free after 8:00pm and has entrances off of 8th, Bellevue Way, and 10th. Take the Wintergarden elevators if coming from this parking structure to the 1st floor. Walk south to the elevator bank and there will be a Smartsheet employee to take you to the 4th floor training room.

If anyone needs to leave prior to 8 pm, then there is parking at Bellevue Square (NE8th and NE4th on Bellevue Way). DONOT park at the Chase Bank Parking Lot. Walk into the building on Bellevue Way and proceed to the elevators where a Smartsheet employee will be standing to allow you up to the 4th floor.

My number is [masked] if anyone gets lost please don't hesitate to call me.