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This is a group for anyone interested in consent based communication and PLATONIC cuddles. We are a group of cuddlers on the Eastside of Seattle -- Kirland, Bellevue, Redmond, and surrounding areas. We will plan monthly get-togethers in rotating locations on the Eastside. Cuddling is a platonic, trust based therapeutic modality and the Eastside needs more snuggles!

On the philosophical end of things, our belief is that all of us need touch in our lives, but many of us are cuddle deprived because of restrictive social norms or other barriers. Not all of us have had life experiences that made cuddling, hugging, or showing other kinds of platonic physical affection the norm. Sometimes we get grumpy, but we don’t even realize that a friendly hug, a soft back rub, or a snuggle on a comfy couch are THE tools to feel less anxious, more peaceful, more ourselves. People from all walks of life find themselves searching for someone to relax with in a nurturing and comfortable atmosphere. A parent takes care of their children, does everything for them, and experiences lots of touch, but most often in a caregiver/provider role. How often are they focusing on self-care? An engineer in a fast-paced tech company have co-workers and online circles and many other hard-working humans forget how important physical connection with other humans really is! No matter what our situation, we all benefit from healthy, regenerating, healing touch.

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