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Psychic Development & Energetic Tools - All Levels Welcome
Refuel your tank using energetic practices and techniques from long time professional psychic and lightworker, Michelle Woodward. We meet the 2nd Thursday of every month. As a highly sensitive person, you know how intense and challenging these times can be. It’s critical to have key energetic support and skills so you don’t crash and burn. This is especially true for lightworkers of all types. This class will offer you instruction, exercises and a contained space for you to connect to the highest frequency available to you, and release any lower vibrations that are not supportive at this time. This is for anyone who needs: better energetic boundaries, more control over empathetic responses, greater calm and more focus. Michelle will lead an experience of clarifying and harmonizing your energy field - you will feel the results. And learn how to do this yourself. This is how you become a stronger, more confident, more effective person. Because energy is everything. Suggested: bring warm socks (the room is shoeless), a journal and whatever else you need to feel comfortable. The typical structure includes: opening circle, welcome round, guided visualization/energy healing, topical focus of event, closing circle. Uplift Yourself in Redmond is located behind the Sears/Marshalls buildings in an office park. Google Maps brings you there directly (versus other map apps which don’t always).

Uplift Yourself

2027 152nd Ave NE, Suite 100 · Redmond, WA


What we're about

Regular practice in our energy management and self-care is foundational for our ability to thrive.

One thing all LightWorkers have in common is resiliency. Resiliency: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. I will simply state it is a unique time in history to be a being wired/programmed/built this way (!*#:}!*). Our purpose to spread Light is in great need. And with so much disruption/noise around us we need to be on our game, practiced and resilient.

I encourage you to come to an event with the focus on refueling your Soul's tank and explore what it is like to hang out together for a couple hours. We will dive into experiences that clear, clarify and harmonize your energy field. You’ll also learn techniques you can take with you into everyday life. These are the tools that keep you healthy, vibrant and balanced during whatever life throws at you. And they will become more and more important to have a handle on as the world changes even more.

Remember when we uplift our frequency the world lifts too!

Please invite and share this group with anyone you think would be interested! I can’t wait to play and have fun with subtle energies together!

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”― Nikola Tesla

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