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What This Meetup Is About:

Eastside Performance Digital Marketing is for anyone interested in delivering and measuring high performance digital marketing strategy and campaigns. Today’s marketing, business, and technology leaders are challenged to demonstrate performance more than ever before. Questions heard from clients and bosses go something like this:

- How do I know the new website is working?
- How much revenue will our new mobile app deliver?
- How are customers engaging with our content?
- What is the revenue story for our lead nurturing campaign?
- What is the ROI of our latest branding campaign?
- What is the right way to track marketing campaign attribution?
- What is the right content strategy for e-commerce?
- How much should I invest in user experience design?
- How do I build better collaboration with Marketing and Sales?
- What is the best website testing methodology?
- How much I invest in marketing automation and optimizations tools?
- Am I making best use of social media?

If these questions sound familiar or resonate, you’ll want to participate in the Eastside Performance Digital Marketing Meetup. This is a collaborative group. All members are encouraged to share experiences, contribute ideas, deliver content, and help shape the group’s mission.

Who Should Attend:

Marketers, Techs, Business Leaders, Analysts, Small Business Owners, Start-up Teams, Entrepreneurs, Graphic Designers, UX Designers, Business Analysts, Product Managers

Topics Covered:

- Content Marketing
- Online Advertising
- Mobile Advertising
- Mobile Analytics
- Web Analytics
- Predictive Analytics
- Graphic Design
- UX Design
- E-commerce
- Marketing Automation
- Conversion Optimization
- Lead Generation
- Social Media
- Social Advertising
- Marketing Tools

And more!

Where We'll Meet

Most meetups will be on the Eastside (Bellevue, Redmond, Woodinville).

Hosted By Wolfson Digital (http://wolfsondigital.com/)

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