Past Meetup

PORT N SHERRY 9 tastings to learn more - $5


WOW look at the points received High marks
I will be there 2:30 to around 4:30..

(tastings go from 2:30 - 5:30 p.m.
if your can't make it when my group is there, just stop by when you want)

I will be there

$5 per person
Come out of the cold and warm yourself from the inside with us!

Traditionally served as a dessert wine, Ports and Sherries have become the sipping alternative to wine and cocktails at get-togethers and to unwind at the end of the day. Whether you sip it alone or use it to create depth in mixed cocktails, you will surely enjoy these sweet gems!

Ports and Sherry's are wines that have been fortified with brandy.
Port is from Portugal and sherry is from Spain.
These sweet gems can be served as an aperitif, to match with cheese,
paired with a savory main dish, accompanying a dessert, paired with chocolate, to celebrate a special occasion, after the meal or to relax at home.
Versatile and delicious, Ports & Sherry's make wonderful gifts as well!

Here are the Port and Sherry wines our distributors will be pouring:
NV Barbadillo Oloroso Seco "Cuco Sherry" - 90pts
WSNV Dios Baco Pedro Zimenez - 91pts
WS1983 Don Pedrp Ximenez Gran Riserva - 93pts
TanzerKopke Lagrima White Port
Woodhouse Lodge Reserve Port - 92pts
WESmith Woodhouse 10 yr. Tawny - 92pts
WSKopke 10 year TawnyKopke 20 year
KopkeKopke 30 year Tawny