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This meetup is for women who like to road bike on fairly flat road bike trails that are the length of around 14 to 18 (sometimes 20) miles in distance and like to go the speed of about 12-14 miles per hour depending on the trail. Most rides will be, but not limited to, the Bear Valley trail area and the Platte river trails. Suggestions for other trails that meet this criteria can also be added to the list of our ride locations. All rides will be mostly paved bike trails. This meetup will be a supportive and fun group of "Easy Riders"!!

Since this is a group meetup, when we ride it is important that we all ride together as a group. We usually will have a sweep.

As always, I am always encouraging members to post rides. It is nice to have variety of rides and also nice to have more rides to choose from. Members who have the role of "Event Organizer" can post rides. If you would like to post a ride(s), please just let me know and I will change your role to "Event Organizer". I will help you in whatever way is needed. And it would be greatly appreciated.

We are also looking for members who can post rides for our Novice 10ish mph group. Please let me know if you might be interested in that. This is for women who are just starting out or women who prefer to ride at that 10ish speed.

I have another meetup that has more advanced and difficult and some regular rides called "Women's Bear Creek Biking - Get Back in Shape - Week Days". This meetup's ride posting are done mainly by the members in the group and not usually by me. So the activity is as active as the members post. Members who have the role of "Event Organizer" can post rides. If you do not have that role and you would like to post, just message me and I will add you as an "Event Organizer. So if you would like more difficult rides (although some are just regular rides) - more hills, longer rides , more elevation and you would like to post some rides please check out this other site also. That way you can pick the place, time, pace, elevation, hills or no hills, big hills or little hills, limit the number of members for a ride, etc. You can also post some mountain bike rides. Let me know if you have any questions!!


http://meetup.com/easy-road-biking-for-women (http://meetup.com/easy-road-bking-for-women)

Upcoming events (5+)

(Ride 23) High Line Canal Trail (South-westward)

3651 S Colorado Blvd

The trail along the High Line Canal is a favorite urban getaway that meanders 71 miles across the Denver metro area. We’ll travel south-westward (round trip 22.8 miles) getting on the trail just behind the Brave Church (parking lot) located on the corner of Colorado Blvd and Covington Drive then travel through the beautiful Cherry Hills Village crossing only a couple of roads i.e. Belleview Ave and Orchard Rd… Each biker must be responsible for themselves and make sure the road is clear before crossing. Thanks!! We'll continue southward to DeKoevend Park where we’ll stop for a break…possibly circle the park and head back. Our average speed will be 11 - 14 mph. Special Notes: (1) Please make sure you have answered the 4B Liability Question. (2) Remember ALL rides are group rides. We will always ride and stay together maintaining trail etiquette…respecting other riders and pedestrians. (3) This ride is limited to 6 riders. Please keep your RSVP current so other rides may participate if you need to cancel. About the trail: Although the canal has become an emerald strand of natural beauty through a bustling metropolitan area, its original intent was to entice settlers headed west to stop, grow crops and create communities on the high plains at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. High Line Canal Trail has become a path for hikers, joggers, cyclists, equestrians, bird watchers and others who yearn for a slice of the outdoors in the middle of a city. Expect the terrain to be either compressed stone and/or paved making it good for all bike types. Here’s a link with additional information and map on the trail. https://www.denverwater.org/sites/default/files/LargeMapFINAL.pdf Hope you can join us! Please let me know if you have any questions!!

Not an Event~ But How to Edit Your Profile ~Specifically 4B Liability Question

Hi! Before a member goes on a ride they need to answer the 4B liability Question. A few of you may have filled out your profile before I added that in or you may have missed it. This may have caused a little bit of frustration for some of you, so sorry about that. If you have already answered the Liability Question there is no need to read further. These step by step directions should work, but if they do not, let me know. YOU CAN NOT CHANGE IT ON YOUR PHONE - MUST BE A LAB TOP!!!!! How to Change Your Profile if you haven't answered the Liability Questions 4B (or if you just want to change anything on your profile). Here are the steps to edit your profile questions. 1. Click on Members. 2. Write your name in blank rectangle. 3. Click on your picture. 4. You will see in blue type a two circles one big and one small ( I guess representing a person) in blue and it will say "View Full Profile". Click that. 5. Then in Blue it will say "Edit Profile. Click on that. 6. You will then see your picture in a square. Scroll down till you see question 4B. Then just click on the question to edit/add/or change. 7. Scroll down till you see the red Save button. Click.

RSVP for Novice 10ish MPH Rides & also if You would like to Lead Novice Rides!!

NOTE: This is not a meetup but a way to get Novice riders together who like to ride at about 10ish mph connected in rides. Please ignore the date on this information meetup (not a meetup date). Please RSVP if you are a member who likes to ride at about 10ish mph. You may be a new rider trying to get faster or maybe you just prefer to ride at that speed. Also, RSVP if you are a member that would like to lead some Novice 10ish mph rides. Please let me know if you would like to lead some of these rides. IMPORTANT: When you RSVP please also comment and state what days and times that are best for you. For example: During the week, days, evenings, weekends, etc. By RSVPing, members can connect for rides together. You can do this in the comments area or by private messaging with each other. This is also, a good way to see how many members would prefer to ride at 10ish mph. And also, this a good way to get some MEETUPS STARTED NOW for this level of biking.

Please RSVP If you want to Ride weekends & also if You want to Lead on Weekends

NOTE: This is not a meetup but a way to get riders connected in riding. Please ignore the date on this information meetup (not a meetup date). Many of you stated that you would like to ride on weekends. In order to get something going on weekends, I thought that 1. Those that want to ride on weekends could RSVP and maybe on the comments could state what times work for them and 2. Those that want to post and lead on weekends could also RSVP (using the criteria of our group) and then state on the comments if they would like to post and lead groups now or post and state that maybe at a certain time, or maybe after they get familiar with the trails they could lead. This way , members could easily get in touch with members to connect and go for RIDES EVEN NOW!! So you can just look at the list and connect with members now, even without a leader. But group rides will be fun also. I just thought this would be a good way to connect and ride now on weekends.

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Clear Creek Trail eastbound

Wheat Ridge Recreation Center

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