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There are two types of walks.

Easy Walker & Sister of Easy Walker.

These walks are located in Highcliffe, Christchurch, Bournemouth, Parkstone, Poole, Broadstone and Upton,

*Easy Walker. For people who prefer walks which are not too long – 4 to 7 miles, and many on level ground where possible (although a few do have hills – which will be indicated in the Details boxes for each walk), and the walks end up at interesting and pleasant restaurants/cafes – for an optional meal afterwards.

* Sister of Easy Walker. For those who like very short walks – 1 to 3 miles – with just an optional coffee afterwards. These utilise small areas of interest that would be too short for a longer walk – which people may never see otherwise – and sometimes areas of special interest or curiosity – that are well worth visiting.

Telephone number = John 07904402223
(you can call me in regard to any questions you have. If you don't get an answer – as I get very many cold calls – please text me and I can either text back or call you back according to your text. Of course if I recognise your number I will answer it or call you back).

DATES AND START TIMES OF WALKS for Easy Walker and also Sister of Easy Walker

Easy Walker – 1st Saturday of month & sometimes on a later Wednesday in the month – start at 11:30 AM

Sister of Easy Walker – 2nd Tuesday of the month – start time at – 10:30 AM


PAPERBACK WRITER - I’m also organiser for Paperback Writer – if anyone is interested in that.

At Canford Cliffs Library
held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Upcoming events (5)

HENGISTBURY HEAD - (verson 6 of 8) - to the beach etc.

HENGISTBURY HEAD - to the beach and around START TIME - 11.30 AM DISTANCE APPROX 5 miles MEETING PLACE YOU WILL ALL BE NOTIFIED BY EMAIL INDIVIDUALLY 2 DAYS BEFOREHAND, WHICH GROUP OF 6 THAT YOU ARE IN, AND WHERE TO MEET. THE RED POINTER on the map - is in right place for 1ST GROUP (my group). 2ND, 3RD. 4TH, 5TH GROUP etc. MEET CLOSE BY but further along from the start point. YOU WILL ALL BE TOLD WHICH GROUP YOU ARE IN AND WHERE TO MEET - BY EMAIL - 2 DAYS BEFORE THE WALK JOHN[masked] FOR QUESTIONS ..... The Tea Gardens is at a lower level than Wick Lane – and is not immediately visible from Wick Lane DIRECTION FROM WICK LANE to where we meet See 3 screenshots in PHOTOS for the precise location. See the sign board for Tuckton Tea Gardens by the side of road, which is quite close to where the man with the white sweatshirt is walking (see photos & their captions) PLEASE NOTE the official Tea Rooms postcode (which is seen on the Internet) shows the boat trailer entrance – this is not for us , as we cannot park there the POST CODE for our purposes - is THE HOUSE OPPOSITE across the road from the Tuckton Tea Gardens - which is 6 Wick Lane – postcode BH6 4JT .. PARKING WE CAN PARK IN ANY OF THE ROADS OFF WICK LANE - just opposite the Tea Gardens, or any of the ROADS FURTHER OUT. .. back at THE TUCKTON TEA GARDENS we can have tea, snacks (distance queuing) JJ .......... *DUE TO COMMITMENTS ELSWHERE – I’m not intending to continue the walks through the winter, last one in October – NOT RESUMING TILL APRIL 2021. Also at present I do not have the intention of restarting the Sister of Easy Walker walks till next year – which are smaller, extremely varied in their nature - covering a wide area in and around Bourenmouth & Poole Also again, the few that did come to The Writing Group from the walkng groups – and in regards to those from places elshwere - I’m not intending to restart them any time soon, although i have agreed on request to meet and discuss with those close to publication. JJ The numbers are limited to groups of 6 due to Covid19 government regulations

HENGISTURY HEAD - version 4 of 8

Wick Lane

HENGISTBURY HEAD - VERSION 4 OF 8 for 2 groups of 6. *more details will be supplied later. START TIME: 11.30 DISTANCE: 6.0 miles I am not 'announcing the walks' (re email to all) - as there is usually more than enough for grouping into groups of 6 before the previous walks have ended. Those people 'down for coming' have sought out the scheduled walk beforehand.... otherwise the numbers were unlimited.

There is no walk for November - and not resuming till April 2021

There is no walk for November - and not resuming till April 2021


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Wick Lane

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