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Throop – version 2 – Throop/Hurn - Saturday
Easy Walker Above the map – it gives the description Muscliff Primary School – this is the nearest landmark – but we meet just about 50 yards or more further down Broadway Lane – where Careys Road comes into it. *THE RED POINTER is in the right place. *See the different types of walks described at the bottom. This is a completely different route to Throop version 1. Please arrive AT 11:15 AM – FOR START AT 11:30 AM. DISTANCE = 5.0 miles TIME = 2 hours FOR QUESTIONS John[masked] (calls or text messages) WHERE WE MEET Start point - on the grass verge by Careys Road which is a narrow track coming off Broadway Lane (Broadway Lane comes off Castle Lane) *See screenshot in photos – you can also see the name of the road in the photo. It is about halfway down Broadway Lane. PARKING is OK on Broadway Lane. This walk has lots of varied interest. Some aspects of this walk are not that well known – and it is a completely different walk from Throop Walk version 1 ROUTE AND SOME HISTORY At the start – we will walk around the duck pond – that is amongst some old-style-effect houses – down to and around Throop Mill (The watermill in Throop has been present in some regard from the 12th century passing through various ownerships including the monks from Quarr Abbey and was mentioned in the Domesday Book because of the tales that surrounded it) – and then we walk across the river bridge with its fascinating and dramatic facility that also adds oxygen to the river Stour. This route – is completely different to to the Throop Walk version 1. We pass paddocks – cornfields lined by huge black poplars – which has a particular characteristic of sounds like the sea as the wind passes through the leaves. WHERE WE EAT Pizza Hut (Castle Lane West, Bournemouth BH9 3JU ) Midday Meal: We will go for this at 2 PM – as it is easier at that time – and to the same place as we do with Throop Walk version 1 – that is to the Pizza Hut. They are getting to know us there – and the staff are very friendly – and they have a wide range of things that you can eat – including a very good salad bar. PARKING Parking is easy outside the Pizza Hut – it is free – has a large amount of spaces We can drive to the Pizza Hut at the end of the walk, for those who want a meal/snack afterwards. It is even near enough to walk to from where we will have parked our cars. THOSE THAT JUST COME FOR THE MEAL Sometimes walkers are not able to come on the walk itself for whatever reason – and come and join up with us for the midday meal – which should start at 2 PM. As can be seen – there is the full address and postcode for the Pizza Hut in the section just above. DOGGIES Doggies are welcome on the walk. Unfortunately they can't come into the Pizza Hut. … DESCRIPTIONS OF THE 2 DIFFERENT TYPES OF WALK ON OFFER SISTER OF EASY WALKER These walks are between 1 and 3 miles. They are held in interesting, spectacular, unusual or even slightly quirky areas (meaning that they can vary a very great deal) and are in areas that would not normally be large enough for an Easy Walker walk. These are held on the THE FIRST THURSDAY of each month and THE THIRD TUESDAY of each month starting at 10.30 am. and with just a coffee or whatever afterwards. This may be the only opportunity in a walking group to see some of these unique, interesting or sometimes unusual little places. EASY WALKER These are the main walks – 4 to 7 miles & an optional meal afterwards. *These are held on THE FIRST SATURDAY of each month and THE SECOND WEDNESDAY of each month starting at 11:30 AM. For both these types of walks - these walks go all year round – but not when it’s raining – although we will sometimes consider a forecast of light showers. Some start points are not that easy to find - but then we wouldn't get those particular interesting places for our walk, otherwise.

Muscliff Primary school

Broadway Lane · Bournemouth

What we're about

People who prefer walks which are not too long, and mostly on level ground where possible, and that usually end up at interesting and pleasant restaurants/cafes. These walks are located in Highcliffe, Christchurch, Bournemouth, Parkstone, Poole, Broadstone and Upton, a walk in Avon Castle is currently being developed for Easy Walker. The walks vary between 4 and 7 miles with an optional meal afterwards.

* Sister of Easy Walker - for those who like very short walks – 1 to 3 miles – with just an optional coffee afterwards – may like Sister of Easy Walker. This utilises small areas of interest that would be too short for a longer walk – which people may never see otherwise – and sometimes areas of special interest or curiosity – that are well worth visiting.

Telephone number = John 07904402223 – you can call me in regard to any questions you have.

I get very many cold callers as it were – so if I don't know your number already – I may not answer it – in that case please text – saying it is about one of the walking groups – and I will call you. Once you have texted me though – saying it's about the walking group – I will then have your number and recognise it if you call after that. Many thanks JJ

DATES AND START TIMES OF WALKS for Easy Walker and also Sister of Easy Walker

Easy Walker – 1st Saturday of month & 2nd Wednesday of month – 11:30 AM

Sister of Easy Walker – 3rd Tuesday of the month – 10:30 AM


PAPERBACK WRITER - I’m also organiser for Paperback Writer – if anyone is interested in that.

*due to not having the wonderful venue that we had anymore - Paperback Writer will go temporarily online.

When we had the up-person venue - the pattern was as follows:

Writers, readers (who can bring interesting pieces to read that they have seen somewhere) and listeners group.

For PAPERBACK WRITER – my particular angle – underlying theme is short articles on AUTHENTICITY – what it is – what it is about – ‘how to do it’. This includes comedies on the theme of authenticity.

It is held on the 2nd Monday of each month from 7 PM to 9 PM.

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