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Second Sundays - TBA - please volunteer to host
(**Please click on "more info"!!!**) (if in a smartphone app). -- Let's meet on Second Sundays in the Camelback area! Veg-Friendly *** NE/NW/SW/SE corner, location within mall: TBD *** CONFIRMATION OF WHETHER OPEN: TBD per Please join us to talk about nutrition or anything you like. Ideas include: what made you want to change your diet, what diet you want, and how you plan to achieve it, and what works in achieving it. As with all Eat to Live meetups, there will be vegetarian-friendly options. If you wish to host an event, please contact me. You can request posting by formally Suggesting an event on Meetup. Also, when Announcements go out, it's good if there are already people signed up - so if you plan to go to most of these Second Sundays, please ask me to sign you up in advance as a "host" for the series (even if you aren't actually hosting).

Needs a location