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We're a fun-loving group that enjoys eating a wide variety of food from all around the world. If you love trying new foods while enjoying the company of others, this is your kind of group! We will visit restaurants, food carts/trucks/stalls, food festivals and cooking classes in our unyielding pursuit of good, interesting food! Take a look at our upcoming schedule to get an idea of the kinds of events and places we enjoy frequenting.

We typically restrict attendance at a particular outing to a dozen or so members. This is to make things manageable for the restaurants, many of which are small, family-run establishments, and to improve the experience of those dining, so you have a chance to meet many---if not all---of your fellow diners. We post our schedule many months in advance and announce when we plan to open an event to RSVPs. Please take the time to read the event description for specifics: modes of accepted payment, dress code (if any), parking suggestions and so on. If you are interested in a particular outing, note the RSVP time and try to enroll in the event as close to the opening time as possible. If an event is full, consider signing up on the waitlist, as there is often turnover as the event date approaches. We ask that you keep your RSVP status accurate, so if your plans change and you no longer plan to join us, please alter your RSVP status to "No." Repeated no-shows or late cancellations will result in expulsion from the group.

Membership is $5 annually, which goes toward our Meetup site subscription costs. We are limiting our membership to 50 participants to allow members to have a better chance of getting into those events in which they have interest. New members receive a 30-day trial period during which they are welcome to participate in all group events (on a space-available basis) to assess whether the group is a good fit. If the new members fail to pay the $5 membership fee before their trial expires, they will not be able to re-enroll in the group until a space opens up. Membership fees can be paid directly on the Eaters International site.

We hope you'll join us on some of our adventures! Come with an open mind and empty stomach!

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Back for an Encore Engagement--- It's Dim Sum!!!

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Eating dim sum with our group is a little like an MMA cage fight---there is no mercy and you better be ready right from the opening bell! If you're a late arrival---and by late, I mean even by 15 minutes---you might well find an table nearly barren of food! By this point, every self-respecting member of Eaters International should be well-versed in dim sum culture. For those late to the party (and remember, I already warned you about being late!), dim sum is China's version of tapas. Dim sum is traditionally served only on the weekends to throngs of hungry diners. Carts laden with small plates of dumplings, noodles and soup are pushed around the restaurant. Diners pick out whatever looks good and the dishes go in the center of the table, to be shared communally. The waiters will keep track of how many dishes were ordered and tally the final check accordingly. If you are easily squeamish, dim sum is not for you. If you're a germaphobe, skip this outing. If you don't like trying unfamiliar dishes, stay the hell home! But if you are brave of heart and sturdy of digestion, be prepared for a delightful immersion into Chinese eating culture. Bonus points are awarded if you try the braised chicken feet or ginger tripe. There are plenty more approachable dishes, like pork-and-shrimp-filled steamed dumplings (siu mai) or crispy pork belly, for the less intrepid. Dim Sum House is one of the top spots in Salt Lake City for dim sum. Dozens of dim sum options are available, typically costing $3-5 per small plate. We can also order dishes off the regular menu. There are even live tanks filled with impressive seafood options. Be prepared to share all our food---it's the best way to get to try everything! Eating dim sum is fairly inexpensive. We rarely spend more than $20 apiece for our meal, including tax and gratuity. Please bring cash with you in relatively small denominations. We'll split the check after our stomachs are full and the restaurant is not going to process 20 separate credit cards. There is ample parking in a private lot adjacent to the restaurant and free, on-street parking in the surrounding neighborhood. Given the overwhelming popularity of our dim sum outings, no guests are allowed. RSVPs will open at 7:00pm on September 20th. No changes to reservations are permitted after 11:45pm on October 10th.

Very Nice to Mizu


From the folks who brought you Pho Green Papaya, Sapa, Fat Fish and FTV Crawfish, Mizu is their upscale Japanese entry to the field.

House of Ramen

Ramen Haus

Ramen in the north hood Carpooling is encouraged. RSVPs to this event will open at 7:00pm on September 19th. Please finalize your reservations by 11:45pm on October 9th.

A Japanese Tea Ceremony

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Time to channel your inner guru! I was recently privileged to be included in a group tea ceremony. Lauren Stern is the facilitator and proprietor of Kinnabari Tea House. She has studied the art of tea with masters around the world and is ready to share her expertise with us. Her tea ceremonies are a celebration of both the artisan teas she expertly brews and of an opportunity to self-reflect by sitting in meditative silence during the ceremony. Wear loose, comfortable clothing as we'll be seated on the floor during the ceremony. If you'd like, bring a cushion or yoga mat to sit on. If you have physical limitations that prevent you from sitting on the floor for an extended period of time, you should skip this event. The modest event fee only covers the cost of tea and to compensate Lauren for her time. There won't be any food served. We may decide to congregate and grab a bite at the conclusion of the tea ceremony. RSVPs for this event will open at 7:00pm on February 12th. You must commit to this outing by 11:45pm on April 12th to allow Lauren sufficient time to prepare for the ceremony.

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Laissez les Bon Temps Roulez!

Stanza Italian Bistro & Wine Bar


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