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We're a fun-loving group that enjoys eating a wide variety of food from all around the world. If you love trying new foods while enjoying the company of others, this is your kind of group! We will visit restaurants, food carts/trucks/stalls, food festivals and cooking classes in our unyielding pursuit of good, interesting food! Take a look at our upcoming schedule to get an idea of the kinds of events and places we enjoy frequenting.

We typically restrict attendance at a particular outing to a dozen or so members. This is to make things manageable for the restaurants, many of which are small, family-run establishments, and to improve the experience of those dining, so you have a chance to meet many---if not all---of your fellow diners. We post our schedule many months in advance and announce when we plan to open an event to RSVPs. Please take the time to read the event description for specifics: modes of accepted payment, dress code (if any), parking suggestions and so on. If you are interested in a particular outing, note the RSVP time and try to enroll in the event as close to the opening time as possible. If an event is full, consider signing up on the waitlist, as there is often turnover as the event date approaches. We ask that you keep your RSVP status accurate, so if your plans change and you no longer plan to join us, please alter your RSVP status to "No." Repeated no-shows or late cancellations will result in expulsion from the group.

Membership is $5 annually, which goes toward our Meetup site subscription costs. We are limiting our membership to 50 participants to allow members to have a better chance of getting into those events in which they have interest. New members receive a 30-day trial period during which they are welcome to participate in all group events (on a space-available basis) to assess whether the group is a good fit. If the new members fail to pay the $5 membership fee before their trial expires, they will not be able to re-enroll in the group until a space opens up. Membership fees can be paid directly on the Eaters International site.

We hope you'll join us on some of our adventures! Come with an open mind and empty stomach!

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Eat Your Vegetables!

Sri Balaji Caffe

Health fads have popularized vegetarian diets in the West, but some cultures---notably South India---have practiced vegetarianism as a lifestyle for centuries. Rather than picking atsad plates of boiled broccoli or celery sticks, the Indian vegetarian diet is varied and flavorful, where one barely notices the absence of meat. Sri Balaji Caffe is a small, cafeteria-style restaurant in the South Valley that specializes in South Indian vegetarian food. There's a rotating menu with various vegetarian dishes; you'll order at the counter, selecting the components of your dinner plate and carrying your food to one of the tables. Prices are ridiculously affordable; you'll easily feast to satiation and have a good chunk of a $20 bill to take home with you. This is a small restaurant, so we'll keep the group to 8. As such, no guests are permitted on this outing. There is ample parking in the adjoining parking lot. RSVPs to this event will open at 7:00pm on April 27th. Please finalize your reservation by 11:45pm on May 17th.

A Puerto Rican Party

Spice Kitchen Incubator

Let's enjoy some Puerto Rican food before the commonwealth descends into insolvency! Your stable American currency will be most eagerly accepted. Papito Moe's started out as a food truck and expanded their enterprise into a brick-and-mortar takeout restaurant. When that enterprise failed (are you seeing a common theme here?), they did catering work until re-emerging serving takeout food at the Spice Kitchen Incubator, a food-centered business incubator for recent immigrants and low income entrepreneurs. As far as I'm aware, Papito Moe's is the only Puerto Rican game in town. Puerto Rican food has been deeply influenced by Spanish, African and Caribbean cooking traditions. Criollo (Creole) cooking forms one of the cuisine's foundations. Thus, there is a predomination of rice, legumes, pork and seafood, fried foods and ubiquitous use of the plantain, a starchy vegetable that resembles a banana. We're hitting this take-out spot on a Friday evening for a delicious taste of the beloved Puerto Rican dish, mofongo! This rightly exalted national dish consists of a garlicky stew served atop green plantains which have been deep-fried, then mashed and seasoned with pork cracklings (chicharron). You might want to skip lunch in anticipation of this hearty delight! The full range of options on the menu is viewable here: https://squareup.com/store/papitomoespuertoricangrub We can consume our food outside the incubator or find a nearby green space if the weather's nice whilst we dream of island breezes and tropical rum cocktails. RSVPs for this event will open at 7:00pm on April 13th. Please do not make any changes to your reservations after 11:45pm on May 3rd.

Freshie's Never Gets Stale

Freshie's Lobster

The best lobster roll in the country?! So says. Even if there might be some debate as to Freshie's hold on the title, they make a damn fine lobster roll. A classic New England lobster roll is served upon a toasted bun and filled with succulent fresh steamed lobster meat drenched in butter and a simple herb dressing. It is truly one of life's unmissable pleasures! You can order a variety of salads and soups, but the lobster roll is the featured attraction. Freshie's flies out live lobsters and cooks them in Utah, so this all isn't cheap---a 5oz portion will run you about $25. Freshie's has a limited liquor license, so you can purchase wine and beer to enjoy with your food. The weather should be nice, so plan to eat outside on Freshie's lovely patio. There is a small private lot behind the restaurant and plenty of free, on-street parking along 900 S. RSVPs to this event will open at 7:00pm on May 17th. No changes to your reservation are permitted after 11:45pm on June 6th.

Indian Food Fair

Liberty Park

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