A Puerto Rican Party

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Let's enjoy some Puerto Rican food before the commonwealth descends into insolvency! Your stable American currency will be most eagerly accepted.

Papito Moe's started out as a food truck and expanded their enterprise into a brick-and-mortar takeout restaurant. When that enterprise failed (are you seeing a common theme here?), they did catering work until re-emerging serving takeout food at the Spice Kitchen Incubator, a food-centered business incubator for recent immigrants and low income entrepreneurs. As far as I'm aware, Papito Moe's is the only Puerto Rican game in town. Puerto Rican food has been deeply influenced by Spanish, African and Caribbean cooking traditions. Criollo (Creole) cooking forms one of the cuisine's foundations. Thus, there is a predomination of rice, legumes, pork and seafood, fried foods and ubiquitous use of the plantain, a starchy vegetable that resembles a banana.

We're hitting this take-out spot on a Friday evening for a delicious taste of the beloved Puerto Rican dish, mofongo! This rightly exalted national dish consists of a garlicky stew served atop green plantains which have been deep-fried, then mashed and seasoned with pork cracklings (chicharron). You might want to skip lunch in anticipation of this hearty delight!

The full range of options on the menu is viewable here:


We can consume our food outside the incubator or find a nearby green space if the weather's nice whilst we dream of island breezes and tropical rum cocktails.

RSVPs for this event will open at 7:00pm on April 13th. Please do not make any changes to your reservations after 11:45pm on May 3rd.