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Welcome to my world. I call it "Windows." Most people know it as a form of fasting. But the word "fasting" kind of scares the ^!@~&% out of me, so I dubbed it Windows! I eat in "windows" of 8/10/12 hour time frames.

My sister and I have been on this awesome lifestyle journey for a few months now, and we’re living proof that this approach can be TRANSFORMATIVE.

Everywhere we go, people ask, What is it? How do you do it? You look so much better!

Can it help you a) lose weight b) feel healthier and more energized c) lessen addictions to sugar/soda etc. ???

In a Windows nutshell, YES it CAN.

My sister and I have a combined weight loss of more than 50 pounds. My blood pressure is normal (after 5 years of sky high!! ) For the first time since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis twenty years ago, my sister can now wear all her rings. Why? Because Eating in Windows reduces inflammation, among other things. Woo hoo!!

And guess what? It's the EASIEST change we've ever made. Trust me, name another diet or so-called "lifestyle," and we've probably tried it. We were constantly hungry, thinking about our next meal, always feeling as if dieting were hard and demoralizing and filled with “guilty pleasure” ideas; we regularly gained back weight and often felt unwell because our bodies were not nutritionally sound!

And kill me now if I have to keep one more food journal or log more data about what I just ate, am about to eat, or want to eat. Good GRIEF!! I want to enjoy my food choices, not count them or peer at them accusingly as if they were an enemy to my progress, or inhale them in two gulps because I'm starving, or inspect and dissect them as if I were in a freaking biology lab.

No thank you. Past life. Past style. My new Windows life is, well. For. Life.

Yep, we are lifers :-) It's the first and only method for daily living that we’re absolutely sure we'll stick to. Why? Because we love how it makes us feel, and it’s now become a really good habit. And because it is so easy to do AND we get to enjoy and celebrate our food. Now that's saying something!

This is NOT a DIET. I repeat. This is NOT a diet. Period. Exclamation point! And so on.

Rather, this could be your new life and a method on how you might style it. It’s a journey about finding your way to moderation without punishing yourself along the way. There is no GUILT in this lifestyle. Not an ounce. Not a drop. Not a bit.

It’s a gradual, positive shift that allows your body time to do important work during its resting Window. You can discover how powerful and amazing your body is in terms of healing itself.

This style of living can help you lose weight, yes, but it can offer more than that. It can give you a sense of control, peace, well-being, confidence, and a proactive way to reclaim, nurture, and maintain your best self.

Now THAT is daily living at its best.

Who are we? We're people who like pasta, bread, wine and cupcakes (my sister digs champagne and tootsie rolls). We get to eat these treats on this journey.

Do we eat those every day? Of course not!! We make happy body delicious food choices most of the time. We eat the colors of the rainbow in vegetables and we consume some meat, fish, and dairy. While we're not vegetarians, vegans, paleo or keto practitioners at the moment, we believe all of those choices are great also. Any food lifestyle will fit into Windows, but regardless, Windows will help you to start making good choices most of the time and it will allow you to make Tootsie Roll/Champagne choices some of the time :-)

What we don't do is a) count calories b) measure food c) go hungry or d) live or die by the scale.

Do we work out? Yep. But we both went for a long period of time without it. That was when we were busy being stressed out people (after whatever the latest diet roller coaster was) who drowned ourselves in comfort food. Now ALL food is comfort and our Windows journey has made us feel better and well enough to exercise regularly and ENJOY doing it. It's really REALLY hard to exercise if you feel like crap. But with Windows, you can regain energy which can be used as fuel for exercising. My sister’s a national tennis competitor for women 50+ and I (the non-athlete!) take regular fitness classes.

Windows gave us a new viewpoint, a new relationship with food. We now have respect and love for the nourishment we put in our bodies; we pay attention to our food by incorporating gratitude and celebration as part of our eating process. Yeah, I know the word “mindfully” has been used to freaking death lately, but living mindfully is part of what has happened to us in Windows. This is our journey. But I've been asked to share it so often over the past few weeks, I thought a group like this might be helpful for people who wish to a) learn about Windows b) begin or continue Windows c) meet new and interesting people who are on their own respective Windows journeys and d) eat at local restaurants for dinners and/or lunches where we can compare our Windows stories while enjoying our food. Yep! This is about celebrating the journey, and food is an essential part of our life's journey.

I’m not a doctor or a health professional, so I can’t advise you on whether to begin this journey, but I can tell you what my sister and I did and how we did it and I can point you in the right direction in terms of which online resources help us. I can tell you I have had such amazing success that my doctor says she wishes more of her patients would try some version of Windows! She told me, "fasting fixes a lot of problems."

I'd love to cheer you on as you explore your own journey to well-being! Feel free to join and attend meetings at your leisure.

Each meeting you attend will cost you $1.00 (1 buck) to be collected at the event and which will pay for Meetup's unlimited monthly subscription plan.

You will also pay for your own meal, of course. In order to make the setting as personal as possible, I'll limit each event’s seating to about 12. Please bring only your sunniest side up mind + attitude to the table.

Bon Appétit,

Miko (my sister Leesa resides in another state but is enjoying success right along with me on this journey!!)

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A follow up to discuss your progress from one of the June meetings OR your first meeting if you wish to attend.

August Dinner Discussion (there will be 2 August dates to choose from!)

Any member is welcome to attend. I'd love to hear your journey: past, present, or future! We'll share our Windows progress if we are repeat diners!

Another August Dinner Discussion

Maisano's Italian Restaurant

Any member is welcome to attend any meeting as your first Windows meeting, or another chance to share your Windows progress!

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