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We are still getting everything coordinated and hope to have classes and meetings posted for Spring... Stay Tuned!

We Invite you to Experience Art – It gives us a voice and grants us an ear

There’s something intrinsic about art that disarms and provokes us. An individual’s own personal beliefs or convictions could go entirely unnoticed and unheeded, but when represented through a quality art medium, a platform for participation and possible change can occur.

We Invite you to Experience Community - Our relationships help form who we are

No person is an island unto themselves. We believe that each person is merely a conglomeration of ALL the encounters we have had up until this point in our lives. Even the way we shake hands is probably because we have had an encounter with a “handshake” that we liked, (or even disliked), in the past.

We Invite you to Experience God – Our identity and lifestyle lines up with Him

The greatest and most sought after experience of all; whether by instantaneous surrender and submission or continued wrestling and struggle, an encounter with God changes one’s identity and lifestyle forever. We are eternally changed by His touch.

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