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I founded Echosphere.io on the premise that a single idea can have almost unlimited value. Consider, how much you would pay for a treasure map that locates $1 million in gold? Consider the value to JK Rowling when she imaged Harry Potter.

Echosphere.io is a forum and an environment to create such value though exchange of information in the form of dialogue. In the case of Harry Potter the value is in the fiction, while with the treasure map the value is in the truth.

We will explore these and many ideas in this forum along with how we each might better realize the value of the information we create in this universe by our existence. Echosphere.io has a plan to do exactly that.

Allow me to be very clear, this is a Conservative group (the closest approximation of Philosophy in today's society), not a GOP group but a Conservative one. The topics and discussions relate to how Conservatives think and feel as these relate to philosophic and theological foundational thought and the intent is to take THOSE ideas further than they have ever gone before. Liberalism is a deadend and reduces discussion to agreement with others. As a result I will exclude anyone that is Liberal, Democratic, or a "Never Trumper."

If this bothers you, don't contact me.

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