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This is a group for people from all walks of life who want to discuss spirituality in an open and honest environment. Have you had out-of-body adventures, past life recall, seen inner lights and sounds - such as blue light or the sound of buzzing bees? Share your stories, adventures and experiences. Learn about spiritual exercises that can help open doors to greater love, peace and spiritual understanding.


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Attend an ECK Light & Sound Service (Ithaca)

Best Western

In this Meetup members can attend and experience a local ECK Light and Sound Service, (formerly the ECK Worship Service). Meetup participants will join with local Eckists to sing the HU and share in a spiritual discussion. Service will be followed by light refreshments and open discussion. Learn more about the ECK Light & Sound Service visit www.meetup.com/EckankarCentralNewYork/pages/What_is_an_ECK_Worship_Service%3F to see a fuller description. ------- To learn more about ECKANKAR in Central New York visit us online at: www.Eckankar-ny.org/central.htm. To learn more about ECKANKAR visit http://wwwEckankar.org.

Experience the Sound of Soul (Ithaca)

Lama Building

JOIN US FOR A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE The Sound of Soul At this meetup, you're invited to experience the uplifting sound of HU for yourself. Learn how singing HU can help you maintain spiritual balance in a chaotic and challenging world. WHAT IS THE HU SONG? “If you want to lift yourself to a higher state of consciousness—so that the political issues, the family issues, the social issues of the day do not throw you out of balance, so that you can find a happier, more contented life while you’re living here — sing HU, the most beautiful prayer.” —Harold Klemp, HU, the Most Beautiful Prayer, page 58 PEOPLE OF ALL FAITHS CAN SHARE THE HU. People from all walks of life, background or religion, are warmly invited to join us in trying this simple, twenty-minute spiritual exercise. It has helped people of many different faiths experience the presence of God. WHEN IS THE HU SONG? The Community HU Song will be from 7pm to 8:00pm, at the Lama Building (https://maps.google.com/maps?q=2343 N. Triphammer Rd., Ithaca, NY)located at 2343 N. Triphammer Rd., Ithaca, NY The HU Song will be followed by a short spiritual discussion. If you'd like to experience the HU but aren't sure you can make it for this meetup, you can listen to listen to the sound of thousands of people singing this majestic love song to God, by visiting: http://www.hearhu.com. Contact: Carolyn Arnold[masked]

Spirituality and the Creative Imagination (Utica)

2011 Genesee St

Have you ever been inspired? What is inspiration, and where does it come from? How does the creative process work? How do you take an idea from the inner worlds of your creative imagination and manifest it in the physical world? The presentation will discuss and examine a spiritual perspective on creativity. All are warmly invited. This discussion series is based on the book "ECK Wisdom on Spiritual Freedom", by Harold Klemp, the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar. This book will be available, free, to all who attend.

How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times (Hamilton)

Hamilton Public Library

Join us for a discussion on spiritual survival in today's volatile environment. Share your stories, experiences and tools you use to stay spiritually connected from day to day. Free books and other material available.

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Experience the Sound of Soul (Hamilton)

Hamilton Public Library

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