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Collaborative work sessions
This will be a bi-weekly event for those of us who are working on projects and need a little support to get things done. Whether you're researching a topic, developing a business, planning a project, etc this will be a chance to support one another, find accountability, and connect with others who are working on similar projects. I suggest making a comment if you plan to join, stating what you'll be working on, how others could lend their help, etc. Additionally, please comment or direct message me if another day/time works better for you, and I'll either add more events or change the regular time based on general consensus of the group.

Boulder Library - Boulder Creek Room

1001 Arapahoe Avenue · Boulder, CO

What we're about

The beauty of sustainability is that it works better when we work together. Not only can we do more with our hands, but we do more with our heads. New and better ideas are spread more quickly. Experimentation and application has more benefit when supported by a group. It is time to launch a cooperative network to facilitate our growth into the 21st century, with all of its coming challenges. Designing and building is what makes us uniquely human. Done poorly we have nearly wiped ourselves off the planet. Done well, we flourish with ease and abundance. This group is forming after a Tumbleweed tiny house workshop came to Boulder, CO allowing hundreds of like minds to network. In the fashion of the old barn raising tradition, we meet regularly to work on members' projects, learning from hands on experience and in turn having the help reciprocated. We buy in bulk to save on material costs wherever possible. We share resources like trucks, tools, years of experience. Field trips, educational workshops, dinner events - lets have some fun while working together to live "Eco-Logically." You can organize a meetup on this group for your project, in your area of the Front Range / Rockies (I know we even have some friends on the Western Slope.) Visit (

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