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Here comes the Young Ecopreneurs Climathons 2018 - #YoungEcoClimathons18
For immediate RELEASE: Business / Networks of Cities Event - #YoungEco4Climathons18: Innovation City Lab RD, on Wednesdays from 7 March – Reading Next week! Eco4Clim18: Innovation City Lab, on Wednesday 7 March - RD Hello All, Primarily this meetup will be focused on the the following topics: • Basic introductions for all members (background, experience, skills) • Communicate Ecoentrepreneureship Mission - Urban Resilience CO2lutions, a CCA Learning Centre in Reading • Discuss framework plan, and potentially allocate actions/tasks as agreed • Current issues/news • Members feedback and AOB ​#YEClimathons18,​ ​the​ ​official​ ​COP22, COP23 and COP24​ ​endorsed​ ​initiative,​ ​is​ ​here!!​ ​In​ ​Reading!!! Are​ you ​a young​ ​Entrepreneur​ ​or​ ​an​ ​SME​ ​with​ ​sustainable business innovation/city ​solutions to our changing climate? Aimed at boosting eco-entrepreneurship, sustainable innovation, and collaborative networks of cities, all key levers for climate action. Please see last years suggested #Eco4ClimRD Climate Innovation +Jobs Strategy 2.5, As part of the “2018 Global Week of Ecopreneurs and Cities for the #ClimateMovement, (November 5-11), Register for Reading #EcoCities4Climate18_RD - Innovation City Lab RD Anyone interested in the meetup is welcome to attend via RSVP Come and make it a success! Team ECO4CLIM_RD Ecopreneurs for the Climate in Reading

The Outlook

76-78A Kings Road, Reading, RG1 3BJ · Reading

What we're about

In 2018, from spring to autumn, cities from the Climate Innovation city global network, led by Ecopreneurs for the Climate (ECO4CLIM), are running climate-focused hackathons (“climathons”) addressed at young professionals, entrepreneurs and senior students, aimed at boosting eco-entrepreneurship, sustainable innovation, and collaborative networks of cities, all key levers for climate action.


• Identify city-level challenges related to climate change, both in terms of mitigation and adaptation

• Co-create sustainable & inclusive business solutions

• Train young professionals, entrepreneurs and senior students on climate change, eco-entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation

• Strengthen local green economy ecosystems

• Connect cities and foster exchanges of best practices and models among them

Who are they for?

• Young professionals

• Senior students at university or postgraduate studies

• Young ecopreneurs

What is the value created for participants?

• They can gain or benefit from:

• Specific knowledge on climate change

• Competences on eco-entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation

• Internships and jobs in sustainability

• End-of-studies projects, PhDs, and incubation programs

• Ideas, opportunities, and partners for business creation

• Participation in major national & international events (see prizes)

Ecopreneurs for the Climate Meetup - RD is a fortnightly community event where young people can meet up, help others to brainstorm, meeting new people.

Anyone interested in taking an active role can discuss this further with me.

#Eco4ClimRD - Innovation City Lab RD

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