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Shamanic Trance Dance (Hereford)
Shamanic Trance Dance is an age-old tool using repetitive beats and movement to reach an altered state of consciousness. It is primarily about creating an opportunity to drop into your inner landscape using a blindfold and moving to the rhythm of the music. This often induces a visionary state which has the capacity to give you answers, insights, and new ways of healing. We invite you to come and dance with us on a journey deep within, to receive guidance and gifts as together we open and embrace all that we meet. The journey is planned over six evenings. Within each dance, the information and experience can be integratedover time and lead to deep shifts in your intuition and empower you to take charge of your own healing. The first of these sessions will be an introduction to Shamanic Trance Dance from here we will be working each month with the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and water. With our culminating Shamanic Trance Dance being the integration of the whole. You can choose to dive into the whole of the 6 sessions for a deeper more grounded experience or dip your toes in once or twice if there are spaces available. The drop-in fee is £15 For all 6 sessions is £75 Please contact me if you wish to commit to the 6 sessions for all the dates at [masked] Rebecca Hanscombe is Director of the school of Ecstatic Movement which trains teachers in Ecstatic Awakening Dance, a passionate & knowledgeable Shamanic Practitioner & co-founder of the Wild Chocolate Club. She has 22 years of experience of holding sacred space in a way that is heart centred, humorous and powerful. Merging practical spirituality with a sense of the sacred. She weaves these rich and heart centred practices into workshops and retreats to an international audience in the UK and through-out Europe.

Clear Space Studios

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“Awakening to love & Presence through the power of Dance”

Come and join our community dancing the world Awake. • Are you ready to let go of inhibitions and start living your full potential? • Would you dare to “dance like nobodies watching”?

Ecstatic Awakening Dance is a method that was developed in 1996 as a powerful transformative path that gets you out of your head and into your body?! This method has grown in popularity and status and now has facilitators worldwide who have been through the School of Ecstatic Movement Directed by Rebecca Hanscombe. Ecstatic Awakening Dance is a time-tested powerful, fun, eyes closed transformational process that can break the spell of separation and re-connect us to a natural state of Ecstasy. whatever your particular ecstasy is called, Joy, Love, Connection, freedom its all here right inside waiting to be embodied.

Held in the sanctuary of Sacred Space there is no place for analysing here! Through repetitive beats, movement and breath we nourish and revitalise on a cellular level, Releasing endorphins (the feel good brain chemicals!) Flushing out toxins, stuck energy and emotions. Feet pounding, heart drumming, blood pulsing, feeling the rhythm of our bodies, opening to the infinite source of energy and vitality that is available when we surrender to the flow. In this space true and lasting healing can happen! There are 5 different stages to the Ecstatic Awakening Dance™ experience. 1. BODY WARM-UP 2. SHAKE 3. ECSTATIC ENERGY DANCE 4. RELAXATION/LET GO 5. GROUNDING There is nothing like experiencing this for yourself, so get along to a class soon, teachers & classes listed on

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