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Ecstatic Dance offers freedom of the mind, body and soul. By moving freely and allowing the music to guide us, we’re able to push boundaries while letting go of judgment, fear, welcome connection and the unknown.

This is a space for freeform movement and playful exploration as you connect to yourself and others. A sacred container for healing, prayer and movement. To maintain the ultimate freedom we must agree to the following guidelines:
-Move however you wish
-Respect each other’s space
-No talking on the dance floor
-No drugs or alcohol
-No shoes
-No photography

Who we are? We’re a community of diverse people, welcoming ALL walks of life. We’re dancers, artists, sound healers, therapists and mediums, we’re stilt walkers, aerialist, musicians, teachers, students and wanderers of the world. We’re chefs, waiters and baristas, doctors, lawyers, protestors, parents and children. We’re farmers, welders, politicians and retired elders. We are everyone and we are one. Striving to live in world of peace, equality and unity; realizing that in order to see this beautiful change in the world, we must change the way the way we (as individuals) communicate, move and utilize our senses. And that is why we dance. We dance for meditation, self expression and playful exploration. We dance for laughter, joy and fear, we dance for the sadness, anger and tears; to reduce stress, elevate our vibrations, to release, feel and reconnect.

So come connect!! ! :)

Gathering: SUNDAYS for “Ecstatic Conscious Dance” from 11am-1pm at COAL
619 N Thornton Ave. Orlando, Florida

-We’ll begin each dance with a greeting cleanse (smudging) and open circle- where you’ll be guided into becoming present as you begin to get aquatinted with your surroundings, you’re breath, and “what to expect”.
-The musical journey: you will be guided by a wave of rhythms intended to move you through the stages of life.
-We will then close the ceremony by gathering back to into the circle and enjoy a delightful sound bath. Followed by integration/ group share- in which we’ll have the opportunity to express anything we may wish to share about our experience or how we’re feeling, and community announcements that may be coming up.

We would like to encourage everyone to bring instruments (drums, maracas etc.) and a vegetarian snack to share during the ending group share :) It’s a nice way to bond with others as we sit around and integrate, especially after burning all those calories moving around..!

Also bring plenty of water and wear comfortable clothes ;)

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Conscious Dance Sundays

Coal (Center of Abundant Living)

Conscious Dance Sunday’s ~ 365 Days of Ecstatic

Coal (Center of Abundant Living)

Conscious Dance Sundays

Coal (Center of Abundant Living)


Coal (Center of Abundant Living)

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