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We live on the LEADING edge and we are passionate about new technologies. We're open to exploring crazy-sounding ideas, we jump on release candidates and beta releases, and we're willing to drop the old in favor of the new!

You should join us if you're not afraid of change, if you want to explore what's new and exciting, if you don't reject ideas early on, and if you're willing to try something 42 times before you judge it.

There will be talks, presentations, workshops, and articles, and we'll be writing about all and everything we do at EdgeCoders.com (https://edgecoders.com/), please reach out if you have any feedback or ideas. We're tweeting from @JavaScriptLabs (https://twitter.com/javascriptlabs)

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Advanced React.js Topics

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Getting Started with React.js and Redux

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Learn Node.js

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