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Hello everyone! The very first class, just happened yesterday, and it was a wonderful beginning! I wish we took pictures! Thank you very much again, to all the brave people/beautiful Souls who came and helped to make it happen! I appreciated each and everyone's presence! Let's continue momentum with looking forward to another shamanic class! This time, I wanted to try a different time frame, so we will dance and Power Animal dance in darker conditions. Our loose class agenda: opening meditation - 5 minutes. Introduction to class - 15 minutes. Shamanic Dancing and Power Animal Dancing Meditation - 15 minutes. Laying on the yoga mat shamanic meditation, with me drumming - 10 minutes. Discussion - 15 minutes. What to bring: any rattle, could be even self made from a little glas jar filled with some rice, beans, and corn. Bandana, to cover your eyes at some point, and yoga mat for laying down meditation. Optional: Flower/s, and approximately a cup of whole milk in a container with a wide lid, so we could just open it there. Wear something, that is comfortable to move in. Bottle of water to drink. Very, very important: please, plan to arrive 10 minutes earlier, so you'll be able to get into the right state of mind for such activities. We will close the door once we start. One of my intentions for the brand new Shamanic Club is to assist people to create triggers to switch into healing expanded states of consciousness: by creating shamanic altar, by doing repetitive shamanic dancing movements, by hearing the sound of shamanic drum, and even seeing same faces for each class, so everyone becomes very familiar with that state and can achieve it easy/ier on their own. Like any other ability worth mastering, it takes some understanding of the process, strong desire to know more about self and life, willingness to be a student, persistence on top of strong self-discipline, and lots of practice. :) P.S. I will appreciate, if you spread the word, that such class is being offered. I'd like more people to take advantage of this opportunity. Transforming the World, can't happen without transforming the Self, first. This Shamanic Club is about Self-TRANCE-formation.