''Opening of the Roads'' Fire Ceremony - Shamanic Retreat with ChokBar

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Hello dear friends, colleagues and fellow Shamanic Club adventurers! I am honored and excited to announce ''Opening of the Roads'' Fire Ceremony - shamanic retreat. ChokBar is my spiritual name. Shamanic fire ceremony is a very powerful, sacred, ancient method to connect our mind, heart, body and spirit in one physical action, with one focused intention. It effects our subconscious mind and assist us in creating shifts and changes in our lives. When it is also aligned with astrological events, it makes it even more potent and auspicious. On July 13, there is a transformative partial Solar Eclipse and a New Moon, that will assist our work greatly. There will be a cabin rented in Sandyston, NJ, right in the middle of a beautiful Stokes State forest, next to High Point State park. From Edgewater, NJ it is about an hour and a half away. There will be 3 options to choose from. Option A, loose plan: 11 am - arrival, orientation, preparation for ''Opening of the Roads'' Fire Ceremony. 11:45 am - Fire Ceremony starts and goes approximately till 12:30 pm. Lunch 1 pm - 2pm. Silent walk/meditation in the forest past the lakes, along the stream following a leader - 2 pm -3 pm. Relaxation/communication 3 pm - 4:45 pm. Departure - 5 pm. Food: there will be vegetarian light lunch offered to all. However, bring your own snacks, fruit, water, etcetera. Or use this opportunity to do your water fasting. Please bring: any rattle, a drum if you have one, fresh/dry flowers, and food offerings for the fire ceremony. Option B: for the 3 people, who are into a real adventure: arrive on Friday the 13, 8 - 9pm. Have fire feeding ceremony after sunset with us and sleep at the cabin. There are 3 beds available upstairs, in one room. Bring a sleeping bag to put on the bed or your own bedding. There is a fully equipped kitchen at the cabin, you are welcome to use. Option C, for the brave ones: come on the night of the 13, and bring a tent. Minimum suggested donation/energy exchange is 69$. However, if you are in a dire circumstances and feel strong pull to join this event, let me know. In order to participate in this retreat you would need to register here first, pre-pay your spot via PayPal and then retreat address will be send to you. In case of a strong rain, this event will be rescheduled. ''Opening of the Roads'' Fire Ceremony shamanic retreat is for anyone who wants to break through their own limitations - open the roads - in some area of their existence, regardless how big or how small, using sacred, shamanic methods, or for someone who just enjoys fresh air, fire, forest and camping. ;)